12 Attributes of a Child-Friendly Workplace (9)

Dear friends, how are we today? I am persuaded that all is well with you and the children under your care. The truth is that God demands of us to train our children accordingly to godly values. It is established that God does not make a demand where He has not made investment. For Him to make the demand, He must have empowered us to meet it.

I am concerned about social support system for the protection of our children. I am persuaded that if all who are concerned about children will think in terms of social support system for child protection, the world will become fit for our children to inhabit. With this in mind, join me to consider the 8th Attribute of a Child-Friendly Workplace: Make it a policy to grant parents/guardians permission to attend their children’s open day, inter-house sports, Parents/Teacher Association meetings, graduation ceremony, end of the year party and all irrespective of the position of the staff.

Having worked with the school system in the last 15 years, I have seen that working parents/guardians hardly attend the foregoing programs. The trend is to have delegated representations like grannies, close and distant relatives, nannies, personal assistants, housemaids/helps and others.  From my interactions with parents/guardians over the years, I have found that the first reason why they do not attend these important events is that many are nonchalant about such events. They do not understand the positive impact of their attendance on their children.  Jack Welch told the story of how his mum encouraged him greatly and taught him a lesson (of how to relate with defeat) he would never forget when he lost a game during a sporting event in school. What if she did not attend?

Besides parents are not supposed to abandon their children to the schools in which they register their children. Training of children is a collaborative responsibility between the school and parents. Some of the events mentioned above provide parents the opportunity to participate and make contributions to the proper development of their children within the school.

The second reasons why working parents/guardians do not attend these important events in the schools of their children is that they do not have permission from their places of work to attend. In some cases, granting such permission is dependent on the whims and caprices of the immediate boss of the staff. The situation is that where the immediate boss is favourably disposed to family matter, he might use his discretion to grant permission. But where the immediate boss does not have such commitment, he uses his discretion to deny permission. To take permission for such critical events in the lives of our children from away from the whims and caprices from a person of authority in the office, it must become a policy matter. The policy states that staffs, who are parents/guardians, would be given permission to attend events enumerated above. The policy would state the process of application and the number of permissions that can be taken. The policy may also state that where staff exceeds the number of permissions allocated for the events enumerated here, such permission will still be granted but will be deducted from the annual leave of the concerned staff.

A workplace, which enthrones this kind of policy, is sowing eternal seed in the lives of the children of their members of staff. Besides, it is promoting healthy family, which in turn increases the peace of mind of their members of staff and ultimately improve productivity.

I beg to sign out here. I urge you friends, Think the Child, Think Today, Think the Future. Have an INSPIRED day.

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