Dr. Nelson Mandela Speaks for the Child

Welcome to the new page on my blog. This page is simply, ChildPLUS™: The Voices of Champion. The goal is to get us to share the sayings of great minds (champions) on children and matters, which affect them. We welcome instructive sayings from champions (dead or alive) on children. The goal is to get you motivated by the thought of great minds, who have made immense contribution to our world. I desire us to show that children also matter to the greatest of minds, who have lived or are living.

I welcome instructive sayings from my readers from great minds on children. I have a gift for your every first post. Hurry, share with us.

To share with an instructive saying of a great mind on children, please tell us briefly about the person, whose saying you want to share.

Permit me to set the ball rolling today as I bring you the Voice of Dr. Nelson Mandela, Nobel Laureate and one of the greatest defenders of the dignity of human person, our world has ever known. Hear him:

Former South African President Nelson Ma

”We have seen too much change to simply accept the way children are living. We have too much hope in the potential of children to leave things as truly are, and we have too much faith in our fellow human beings not to know that the Global Movement we are calling for can Happen.”(at the launching of Global Movement for Children, May 2000)

For every conversation we have had, we will have ten more about children, No matter what is first on a meeting agenda, or what reason we have been invited to a place, we will talk about children, their rights for healthy and nurturing families, basic health services, a quality education and the opportunities to be active participants in their communities .we would talk about their place as the pivotal link in the process of human development” (at the launching of Global Movement for Children, May 2000)

‘When your life is the struggle, like mine was, there is little room left for family. That has always been my greatest regret, and most painful aspect of the choice I made. We watched our children grow without our guidance…To be the father of a nation is a great honour, but to be the father of a family is a greater joy. But it was a joy I had far little of.’ (from Long Walk to Freedom)

Thank you for joining me today to read the Voice of Champions. I also welcome you to share too. Thank you. I urge you friends, Think the Child, Think Today, Think the Future.  Do have an INSPIRED Day.

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