Child Protection CREED 2:A family instituted by a man and a woman, who are married and LOVE each other and live in UNITY is the best environment to bring up a child.

I believe that children are to be brought up by a family constituting of a man and woman, who are joined together in marriage and live in unity. Please let me deal with the operating words here.

The first is the definition of a family. This has become important in view of many strange practices, which are not acceptable to universal principles established by God from the beginning of creation. I will begin by stating what I believe a family is not. A family cannot be a man and a man or a woman and a woman living together or claiming to be married. A family cannot be a man living with a group of women as wives or vice versa. A family cannot be a man and a woman, who are live-in lovers. The foundation of family is the union of a man and woman, who are joined together in marriage and decide to give expression to the God-ordained mandate to raise children. Please note that the phrase, ‘joined together’ envisages that both parties consented to being joined together.

Another operating word is LOVE. It is not enough for a man and woman to be joined together, they must love one another dearly and selflessly before they are qualified to raise children. I will like to define love here as a selfless commitment to one another and the peace and stability of the marriage institution. Please pay attention to the word, unity. It is very fundamental. The issue is, when parents are not united, they cannot raise focused and disciplined children. As I always say, ‘parents, who are not united are not raising children, but supporters club.’

I have also said that one of the reasons for sibling rivalries is disunity among parents. Disunity is a spirit and a very contagious one for that matter. Once it is permitted in the family by husband and wife, it takes automatically takes its place among the children. The truth is that if there is not unity between the father and mother, how will there be unity between father, mother and the children?

Children are more of products of environment, more than they are products of instructions. The foregoing Maria Montessori has successfully laboured to establish. The foundation of voluntary marriage between a man and woman, who love each other and live together in unity, is the God-ordained environment in which a child should be born and raised.

Please not that the foregoing definition is without prejudice to single parenting occasioned by the death of either spouse or step or foster parenting, which may be occasioned by many unavoidable circumstances. The fundamental issue is that a child is best raised by father and mother figures, who are married by consent, love one another and live together in unity.

Think the Child! Think Today! Think the Future!

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