The TeacherFire™ Revolution: From Supreme Education Foundation With Unusual Impact!

On Thursday, February 21, 2013, The TeacherFire™ Revolution was hosted by the Supreme Education Foundation, Magodo G.R.A., Ikeja. It was an interesting outing for my good self and the entire TeacherFire™ crew. The teachers, over 85 in number were receptive and hungry for new knowledge. It is my humble conclusion that with the active support of the teachers, we set the entire school on the positive fire of doing all in the best interest.

Reading, the testimonies of the teachers as reflected in our Evaluation Forms moves me to tears of joy. What joy? The joy that the message is spreading and we are new building a school environment, where the best interest of the child is the operating philosophy. A teacher testified, ‘it has really inspired me to go the extra mile and put in my best in this teaching profession.’ Another teacher wrote, ‘the sessions have really enriched me greatly, professionally, socially and psychologically.’ ‘It has inspired me and touched every area of our lives as teachers,declared yet another teacher. Here is the last testimony we will share with you goes thus, ‘positively informed me about the essentials of teaching the child, child psychology; I have also been equipped to hear the child with my inner ears and ways of helping children with learning challenges.’

The truth of the matter is that these testimonies are not an end in themselves. They are a means to an end. The end we seek is to get everybody within the school system to focus on only one thing: THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD. These testimonies are pointer and encouragement to us that this dream that we see is possibility. It is our firm belief that everything produces after its kind, including parents and teachers. We have faith that the testimonies above are genuine and if they are genuine, it means the lives of the teachers are being transformed and if the lives of the teachers are being transformed then automatically the lives of the children will be transformed. The truth is that children learn by observation. Thus they do not do what we say, they do what we do.

Also present at the training was the Executive Director of Supreme Education Foundation, Mrs. Adenike Adamolekun. She is an astute educationist, who also spoke to the teachers reinforcing The TeacherFire™ Revolution principles being disseminated to the teachers.

The six-hour training, which began at 10.00AM and ended at about 4.00PM sought to cause a revolution and we strongly believe that the revolution had begun earnestly. Our fervent prayer is that the impact of the revolution will endure far beyond what we can ever think or imagine.

Our charge to teacher today is that they must against all odds refuse a victim mentality and embrace game changer mentality. It is our charge to teachers that within and outside the school system, you will be treated as you treat yourself. We charge you today to increase your perception of yourself positively and in no time, you will see everything around you aligning with the health perception of yourself that you promote.

If we are yet to visit your school, we look forward to doing so soon. I urge you: Think the Child…Think Today…Think the Future.  Do have an INSPIRED week Great Souls, as fondly refer to you as teachers and I believe from the very depth of my heart that there are no greater souls than teachers.

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