Child Protection CREED 12: Discipline is impossible without a clear knowledge of child development.

There are many custodians, who try to discipline the child for what is normal just because they lack knowledge of child development. Permit me to again share a quote, I earlier shared from the foreword of Maria Montessori’s Secret of Childhood, ‘Dr. Montessori pointed out to us, that if we are to help life, we have first of all to study it. Studying it, means that we do not try to teach it, we learn from it instead. We learn from this living organism, the child, its needs and tendencies. Only when we know the child’s needs can we begin to learn how to cater for them.

Knowledge of child development also include helping knowing the type of disciplinary measures will make meaning to a child. According to James Dobson there is no excuse for spanking babies or children younger than 15 to 18 months of age. But midway through the second year (18 months) boys and girls become capable of knowing what you are telling them to do or not do.

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