There are no two children that are the same. Custodians must be ready to deal with each child as individuals and give them the opportunity to flourish. There must be not attempt to compare children with each other.

A child’s individuality is the mark of his originality and distinctiveness. Custodians must do all to help the child to be conscious of his individuality and defend same.  It means accepting our children for who they are particularly their physical features and peculiar mannerism. Acceptance of our children is to accept them as if they have no fault.

Acceptance of the child will lead the custodians to appreciate the child. It stops the menace of comparison. It simply means custodians will not compare a child to another, siblings or neighbours. Someone said and I verily agree with him, ‘comparison changes the value of a thing.’ Many custodians did not see anything wrong with their children until they met another child, who they believe is better than their children. They begin to compare their children to another child, whom they have met in his glory. When they do this they forget that this child, who they see in his glory has his own time of shame and that their own children have their time of glory.

I must say that there is no basis for comparison. There are 7 billion people in this world going to 7 billion destinations by the plan of the creator.

Thank you for visiting…I urge you to Think the Child…Think Today…Think the Future…

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