Child Protection CREED 19: Do not make the child suffer for what’s important to you but not necessarily important to the child.

We deny our children of many things they need from us, particularly attention as a result of what we consider important to us. In the names of building a career, service to God and humanity and all, we deny the child of the most precious gift we can give him, our presence.

The child and his/her psyche will never understand why we deny them of what is important to them. In fact nothing can compensate for our unavailability to give our children love. Money does not compensate for, neither are gifts. Paying school fees does not pay for it.

The other part of making our children suffer for what’s important to us but not necessarily the child is that we force the child to live our lives. For example there some parents, who will force their 4 year old to fast, when the child doesn’t understand the spiritual implication of same.

Please note that whatever we compelled a child to do, he may not have learned. He has only responded to the obvious pressure. Any time, he is on his own, he goes back to what he knows, which the custodians have not taken time to understand and place a demand for it.

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