Child Protection CREED 31: To protect the Child you must first LEARN OF THE CHILD and also learn FROM THE CHILD

To protect the child, we must learn from the child and also learn of the child. It is important to note that you cannot learn from a child, except you learn of him. What you have learnt of him will become the tool or compass to help you learn from him.

Learning of him is objective. It means learning the general rules about him and his behaviour. Learning from him is also both personal and subjective. It opens you up to the peculiarity of his individuality.

Learn of and from the child is an exercise we must as a matter of deliberate efforts embark upon. Knowledge of the child is a major key to his protection. I charge you to invest time, energy and financial resources to it.

Thank you for visiting. Think the CHILD…Think the TODAY…Think the FUTURE…

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