Child Protection CREED 32: There are two ways a child can be neglected: Both are not helpful to child protection

The first is total absence of the custodians of the life of the child, who delegates their responsibilities to unqualified people. The second is what I call Present-But-Absent-Minded Custodians. This is where a custodian is present physically but is absent in his mind. He simply doesn’t have presence of mind. Besides, the parents, guardian or teacher do not have the skills to help give their children direction even when they are present.

Neglected children are not different from orphans. I have defined an orphan as a child, whose parents are not available to take responsibility for his development, dead or alive. Though the parents are present, yet the children do not feel the impact of his presence or enjoy the pleasure of his attention.  Many parents, teachers care givers and others custodians are guilty of this second type of neglect.  It is important to state that children are like arrow in the hands of their custodians. How far, fast, sharp and perfect they hit their targets in life is dependent on the skills of the custodians. The arrow has no say in the matter. Even where the custodians have the skills, they must be available to deploy it. Thus I submit that neglect does a lot almost irreparable damage.

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