How shall he fight for others to give them what he does not have or appreciate in its true sense and essence?
Do you not know that he’s not truly FREE, who is not FREE from these:
Man and his opinion?
Materialism and its hold?
Double-mindedness and its instability?
FREEDOM is the fundamental yearning of man’s spirit, soul and body;
This kind of FREEDOM, come not to man, but from ONE;
In this FREEDOM, I walk DAILY;
It is the shortest walk to FREEDOM;
When 16 years ago, I began the RACE at the ‘FINISHED’ line called the CROSS;
And yet I was declared a record-breaking WINNER and CROWNED with the PRICELESS MEDAL of MORE-THAN-CONQUERER. Have an INSPIRED Week.
Taiwo Akinlami sober on his knees on the LORD’s Day (

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