To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014: Always ask the question, WHY?

My dear child, it gives me great pleasure that I am here again today. I am sure glad that we are making progress. It has been so long a discussion. It reminds me of a book we read in school, ‘So Long a Letter.’ I wouldn’t know if such books are still being read in the schools today.

I think we should get on this commandment right away. As I have said to you many times, February must not meet on this discussion and from the look of things January is not about to slow down. Of a truth, time waits for no one. In fact it does not only fly, it soars. It therefore means there is no time to waste; no time to gaze endlessly into space, living on the island called fantasy. Let us proceed to the commandment of today:

10. Always ask the question, WHY? My dear child let me begin our discussion today by telling you that you are a reasoning being. You are created to ask questions. I tried to shed light on this when we were discussing respect for priority, but now, permit me to instruct you on this critical matter that is able to help you make a difference. The most priceless question you will ever ask is WHY? It puts you and anybody you are relating with on check immediately, I must tell you. It takes the pressure away from you and put it on the other person, who seeks to convince you on a matter. Do you know what I have found my dear child? This is sad but it is true. Many people do not know why they do the things they do. They are not informed as to why. The unfortunate thing is that they have many followers, who have never asked why. They just follow blindly. So many of the people you follow always have easy ride on your mind and character because they are not asked the question, why. I must tell you that many of the vices many young people are involved in today is because they cannot ask the question, why from the one, who lured them in.

Why did you choose to discuss this with me? Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this now? Why do you think you are right? Why do you think this will benefit you in the immediate and in the future? Why are you doing this in secret? You see, my dear child, the why question is infinite and elastic. There are many queries you can put in front of why and it will carry it well. I charge you today to use the most powerful three-letter word that I know, why?

You must also learn to ask yourself why. Why do I do the things that I do? Why am I thinking the way I am thinking? Why am I close to the people I am closed to? Why do I attract the people I attract in my life? The question, why removes you from living by instinct to living by reasoning. It is the most effective tool of self evaluation, which leads to self improvement. It introduces you to sound mind and brings caution into your life. It separate you among your friends and people are careful what they bring to your table because they know it must pass the almighty formula, called, why before you approve or disapprove. Asking the question why also helps you to the fair to all before you take a decision. Since you do not only seek to ask why but you are genuinely interested to know why, you are patient to sieve out the truth of the matter.

Permit me to say my dear child that you must not only ask the question why? You must be interested in finding the answer or answers to your why. You must not only be interested in finding the answer, you must make up your mind to be bold enough to follow same even when it may be a tough call for you to make. Know this my dear child that those who find it hard to make tough calls, will always find it easy to make regret calls, mark my word. What I have found is that for many people, asking the question why has become more of a reference point of regrets than it has been of help in preventing unnecessary pain. It occurs to them to ask the question why. They do ask and they are not patient enough to find the answer. So they go ahead with whatever they want to do with a lot of questions in their minds. When they finally crash land, they begin to say things like, ‘it occurred to me to ask why o and I did but I was not diligent or bold enough to find the answer.’ For some people, they ask the question why and found the answer but they are not bold enough to implement. They think they have gone too far to retrace their steps. They forget that it is never too late to reverse an error once you detect it.

Let me say this to you my dear child, the answer to your why is not always with you. That is why you must learn to seek counsel. Seek counsel from others, who share your values. Seek counsel from your parents. Feel free to discuss with me your whys and be sure we can arrive at an answer together under God. In the multitude of counsel, there is safety, says the Holy Writ.

I think I am through for today. It has been an interesting discussion for me but it sounds a bit technical. I charge you my dear child, please feel free to call my attention to areas, which may be too technical. Thank you for listening. I do not take your listening and interest in this discussion for granted. I love and appreciate you my dear child. Always remember the child of who you are; you are God’s child. Do have an INSPIRED day.

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