To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014(6)

It is a public holiday my dear child and its family day. I am glad for days like these, which gives us the opportunity to fellowship as a family.

I will not take too much of your time today because, I know you will want to set time aside to rest. I will like go quickly to discussing our commandments:

6. Find your identity and live by it: a man who is in honour and does not know it is like the beast that perish, says the Holy Writ. It means identity is very important to our existence. It means what set us apart from the beast of the field is not the fact that we are human beings; it is the fact that we know it.  Actually, knowing, who we are is what puts us in dominion. Identity goes to the root of your purpose here on earth. I think our identity as human beings is very easy to know and I will show you how.  Many people have said that to know our identity and find, who we really are, we should look inside. I have asked, how do we navigate our inside? How do you know what is in your inside? Some have said, we should follow our heart and I have asked, how do you know where your heart leads? What will be the compass of finding yourself in your heart?

I have concluded that since we did not create ourselves, we must look to the one who created us to our identity as human beings. Creation and the creatures therein is God’s sole and independent idea. He did not consult man before embarking on the glorious project. I therefore think, it amount to nothing but being prideful and submitting to self-deception to seek to find our identity without consulting the One, who initiated the project. I submit, my dear child that our identity is found in our Maker. We are created in His image and likeness. His image means His essence and His likeness means His attributes. My dear child, we are like God, He is our Father. He is our Source and Sustainer. He created us to be in dominion, but do you know that we cannot be in dominion except we recognized that we are created in His image and His likeness and decide to possess that priceless heritage?

So my dear child, hear me well, you are created in the image and the likeness of God. This means, you are created with what I call Human Ingenuity. This Human Ingenuity, which is implanted inside of you by your Maker, has two main characteristics: the first is that you are limitless in your capacity to create; it means, everything that has been created is a proof to you that you can do better. You know my child, there was a time man was told, he could not fly because of a law, called the law of gravity. Majority of man believed it until The Wright Brothers came and challenged that belief. They questioned the law of gravity. Today, man is not only in the air, we have gone to the moon. The law of lift and the law of aerodynamics have overthrown the law of gravity. You see my child, when you recognized that you have inside of you Human Ingenuity, fully installed, you will not struggle with any subject in school. You will understand that it is an insult on your installed capacity of Human Ingenuity to fail any subject. Knowing that these subjects are created by human beings like you, using their Human Ingenuity, you should not only pass excellently, but be thinking of creating your own subjects that others will study, provided that is your area of calling in life.

The second characteristic of Human Ingenuity is that you are limitless in your options. Your options in life are infinite. This means you can never be stranded. It also means that whatever you want to do, there are countless ways of doing it. If you fail in one way, it doesn’t call for anxiety. You see, I advise you to just ask God to show you the options when you face any situation. I also accept the responsibility to teach you the principles that help you to find options. I think the first is to be calm, knowing that you cannot be stranded; the second is to pray to God for wisdom, acknowledging Him and requesting Him to lead you; the third is to seek counsel from like-minds like me and you know I am always available.

I believe that we have dealt with the issue of identity square and fair. I think we should round off here. We will continue tomorrow. I love you my dear child. Do have an INSPIRED day.


To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014(5)

I am glad we are able to resume our talk today. It was a wonderful weekend. I am glad you were able to spend time with your granny. She is full of praise of the kind of child you are becoming to the glory of God. As I told granny, I am not surprised the kind of child you are becoming under God’s tutelage. What would have surprised me is if you are turning out differently. I remember the prayer we began to pray for you since you were in the womb; that you shall be taught of the Lord. I can see the evidence that of a truth, the Lord has taught you by Himself.

I have no doubt that you are settling well into the new term. I have discussed with your teacher as requested in respect of how you told me he addressed you in the class the last time. He apologized that he was just pulling your legs. I told him that while, it may not be out of place for a teacher to pull a pupil’s legs, he must always ensure that he does everything unto edifying the pupil. He cannot claim to be pulling your legs by insisting on calling you a nickname, you have told him you do not appreciate. I believe he learnt one or two things from our discussion. He promised to apologize to you personally in class. Please do not hesitate to let me know, if anything of that nature comes up again. I trust you anyway, my dear child that you will surely speak up.

I will at this point continue our discussion on the 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014:

5. Respect Priority: my dear child, get this straight into your fresh mind that there is time for everything; therefore you must live by priority. What does it mean to respect priority? It simply means to put first thing first at every point in time in life. If you are in the habit of putting first thing last, you will always be out of place. A man who does not respect priority cannot maximize his God-ordained potentials.

You see, my dear child, life is designed to be lived according to priority. That is why you were 1 second old, before you could become 1 minute old; you were 1 minute old before you could become 1 hour old; you were 1 hour old before you could become 1 day old; you were 1 day old before you could become 1 week old; you were 1 week old before you could become 1 month old; you were 1 month old, before you could become 1 year old and so on. That is priority at work as arranged by nature. At every point in time in life, you must find your priority and give all of yourself to it.

Do you know why you have to respect priority? You will never have time for everything, which call for your attention at every point in time in life. Now, even if you have time, not everything, which calls for your attention is able to deliver value to you at the very time it is calling for your attention. There are some things, which will call for your attention today and if you give them your attention may become a distraction to you for the rest of your life. But those same things may be priceless contributors to your destiny if they call your attention in the future and you respond. Do not be deceived my child, it is the character of your mates to call your attention to many things at this age, but before you day yes or no see that there is no other time to do it but now and that if you do it now, it will deliver immediate or future values to you.  If you are confused as to how to figure this out, do not hesitate to seek for advice. You know I am always available to hear you out and respond to your call for discussion. You know, you are priority and I have never been too busy for you.

When I was your age, I did not know the meaning of priority or respect for same. I was involved with many things I was not supposed to have time for. It had adverse effects on my development. Unfortunately that was thinking of many of my mates. They had their priorities mixed up. They were eating in secret, what would have been legitimate for them to eat in the open, if only they wait for their time. I began to think now that most of the things, we did in the name of being smart was the height of foolishness. I was asking myself the other day that why did some of us who were sexually active, do it in secret, behind the back of our parents? When we got pregnant or impregnated another person, why didn’t we call our parents and announce the ‘good news,’ the result of our secret affair? Why were we looking for doctors, who were nothing but a disgrace to their profession to do abortion for us? Why were we sad when our wombs were damaged as a result of abortion? Why did we keep this as a secret, which our parents and future husband must not know? If it was done at the right time, pregnancy would have been good news indeed and we would not need the services of those doctors, without principles.

I think I should let you know that lack of respect for priority leaves you with so much needless pains, pangs and marks. Zig Ziglar said and I verily believe him, ‘the chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want in the moment.’ It is sad that I have spent most of the productive part of my adulthood to deal with the impact of my childhood misplacement of priority has on my mind. My saving grace is that God met me along the way and began to work with me in dealing with these issues and their impacts. I write from the depth of my heart today, my child that you must learn from my example. Let me find consolation in the fact that I suffered these things, which were self-inflicted and avoidable, so that any one I come across in your generation and beyond, beginning from you, my dear child might be taught not to suffer same. My dear child, make my joy complete, give yourself to respect priority.

I will like to conclude by sharing with you what I believe should be your priority right now my child. I think three things should be your priority right now: the first is to honour God, your source and your sustainer; the second is for you to honour and obey your parents that it may be well with you and your days may be long; the third is for you to give all of yourself to your studies. If you can make the foregoing your priorities in the presence of many distractions calling for your attention today, every other things will not only fall in place, they will follow and you will be celebrated for the rest of your life.

I am signing out dear child. I have a very important meeting in the office. I feel I should share this with you today before I proceed to my meeting. The truth is that if I succeed in my work at your expense, then I have failed. Why? I would have achieved my success at a cost higher than all the benefits, which will come to be as a result of my success at work. Hmmm…My child, it would have been a very bad investment. And I would have been foolish. It is my God first, my family second and work third.

Do have an INSPIRED day my dear child. We will surely continue our discussion tomorrow. I love you dearly.


I think of grace, not disgrace…
I think of power, not powerlessness…
I think of greatness, not pettiness…
I think of increase, not decrease…
I think of forward, not backward…
I think of strength, not weakness…
I think of blessing, not curses…
I think of Love, not hate…
I think of gain, not loss…
I think of light, not darkness…
I think of plenty, not scarcity…
I think of selflessness, not selfishness…
I think of friendship, not enmity…
I think of peace, not war…
I think of health, not sickness…
I think of life, not death…
What I think I see…
What I think, I become surely, so says my FATHER…
I think…I think…I think…
Do have an INSPIRED Week…
Taiwo Akinlami Sober on his knees on the LORD’s day

To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014(4)

My dear child, sure you are doing well today. It is 2.33AM by my watch and I have not permitted my eyes sleep, though they ache now. I have come to know it as a principle in life that uneasy lies the head that wear the crown. Our people say, if you protect yourself from the rain and the sun, you will surely not be protected from hunger. There are major projects we must conclude this week and we have one working day left. I have trained myself not to give excuses. I know you cannot eat your cake and have it. You cannot make excuses in life and also make a difference. You must choose which of them you want to make. My dear child, I chose to make a difference, according to the grace granted to me by my Father in Heaven, who is rich in glory and grace.

I just finished the project, which kept me awake and I was going to hit the bed when I remember I promise to put this memo in your bag since you are going to spend your weekend with your grandmother. As for me a promise to you is a sacred duty, which I must not make in frivolity and which I must keep when I make. Hence I am keeping this, though it is not too convenient.

I am bit emotional that you will not be around this weekend but I am quick to remind myself that I was falling into the ditch of selfishness. Your granny has requested that you spend time with her almost five times now and I have politely turned it down with wisdom. But, I know, now, I must release you to your caring and loving granny for the next two days, except I want to offend her gentle self, ‘the die is cast'(check the meaning if my last phrase (idiomatic expression) in your dictionary, as we agreed before that to see a new word or phrase and let it go without checking for its meaning in the dictionary is to embrace mental laziness ). I am fine now my child. I beg you to take time to read this memo since this will be the first time since we started this discussion that we are not talking face to face.

I will continue today with the commandments. They are 12 in number and I must earnestly desire to conclude them:

1. Live Curious: my dear child, you were born curious. If I must put it as it is supposed to be, I will say curiosity is one of the most precious and invaluable gifts God gave you. I think one of the errors of your primary and secondary caregivers is that they unconsciously, in most cases snatch the gift from you. I have done my best to preserve your curiosity. I hope, I still have it in you and it will shine forth when life places a demand on it. To be curious is to be at alert. To be curious is to always be in the questioning mode. To be curious is to test things before committing to it.  To be curious is to be calm in the face of adversity and reach to the depth of your spirit and soul before responding.

Curiosity works by observation. You must therefore become an observer of life and its happening. Observers are the real players. They live and make the best of their lives. You cannot afford to take life for granted by looking at things on face value. My child, I need you to understand that all that glitter is not gold and all that is gold does not always glitter.  Do not embrace gullibility. Do not become a victim naivety. It is possible for you to be young and rise above the face-value judgment. Curiosity is also the key to invention. Necessity may be the mother of inventions, but curiosity is the sperm. As you must have been taught in biology, except the sperm of the man fertilizes the eggs of the woman, conception cannot take place. If conception does not take place, delivery of a baby cannot happen and without delivery the mother would not hold a baby in her hands. You see, your curiosity is the sperm and the eggs of invention are in your mind. Your mind is also the womb, which carry the eggs and nurtures them after they are fertilized by the sperm of your curiosity. I will share more on curiosity when we discuss with you human ingenuity later.

Curiosity is an edge; in fact, it is your edge my dear child, do not lose it. Do not negotiate it. Do not let it go, under any circumstance. Bill Gates, who I mentioned in our discussion yesterday, had curiosity from childhood and he is yet to lose it for anything. The other day, I read a tweet by Oprah Winfrey, saying, ‘the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.’ Do you see again, my child that the sisters of curiosity are mentioned here? Without curiosity, you can’t birth a dream (I will discuss dream with you later) and the soul of curiosity is adventure. In my own dictionary, I call it daring. If anybody tells you that ‘curiosity kills the cat,’ tell them, ‘I am not a cat,’ and besides curiosity does not kill. Also meet them at their level and tell them that maybe it is the cat’s curiosity, which bestows on it, nine lives. It means his curiosity gives it the capacity to reinvent itself, nine times in a lifetime. Only few humans are able to achieve that in one lifetime.

My child, curiosity is not being interested in other people’s matter or poking one’s nose when one is not invited or engaging in gossip. Gossip lacks the capacity to give you and future or a hope.  As a dear mentor, Olakunle Soriyan, who you know so well for his unusual wisdom will put it, ‘gossip is information you cannot use.’ Those who have not discerned your wisdom and solicit for same are not fit to receive same, lest you cast your pearls before swine. Be curious within yourself and learn to share the finding of your curiosity in your Life Notes (I will shed more light on your Life Notes later but trust me, you need one. People, normally call it journals. I have been keeping journals for over twenty years of my life), share with like minds, who can help you give expression to them.

I have said so much today my child and I beg you to keep it to heart. You are wise and my prayer for you daily is that you grow in wisdom, in stature, in favour with God and with man. Please take this weekend with your grandmother to meditate on these things and I pray that my God, who gave you to me to nurture will grant you understanding in all these things and many more that I will share. I love you dearly. Help granny with some house chores and please remember the child of who you are…You are God’s child. Do have an INSPIRED weekend.

To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014(3)

My dear child, you are you doing today? I am sure you are doing well. I am glad you are settling well into school.  I saw that you almost held on to me as I hugged you after dropping you in school earlier today. It is well my dear child. We must suffer it to be so now for another cause. It is called the cause of education. I must tell you it is an excellent cause. I remember the words of Nelson Mandela on education. The sage said, ‘education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mineworker can become the head of the mine, that a child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation. It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.’ I believe that this little time that we are apart for few hours in a day is for a worthy cause. I know you miss me and I miss you too.

I think I should continue with our discussion, the 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014:

3. Live committed to all-round development: as we have discussed during our Family Time-Out, which you like to abbreviate as FTO, we are tripartite beings. We are spirits, who have souls and live in a body. Therefore, we must pay attention to our development in all these areas. Do you know what I have found my child? Many only pay attention to the body. Fewer pay attention to the soul and lesser number pay attention to the spirit. I will not spend much time on the spirit because I have dealt with it in the first commandment. I assure you that if you can follow the first commandment fully, you will develop spiritually.

Today, I want to pay attention to your soul. My child, do you know that your soul is the seat of your mind, your will and your emotions? Your mind is the seat of your thinking faculty. Your will is the seat of your decision-making faculty and your emotion houses your senses; it is called you five senses, taste, sight, touch, smell, earring (auditory).

Can I shock you my child? If your soul is left unto itself it will not develop and if it develops, it will not be positive. It will pick all the negative things and soon become your number one enemy. Your soul will not develop positively on its own. You must develop it.

You are wondering, where to start from? I feel you my dear child. I will break it down. All the members of your soul (mind, will and emotion) are united; they receive instruction from one source and speak through one source. The members of the soul have appointed the mind as the seat of discipline. This is how it works my child, the mind instructs the will and the will instructs the emotion. How do you discipline you mind, you bring it in contact with the right knowledge. The right knowledge comes through your eye-gate and your ear-gate. It therefore means, you must read books that can develop your mind and also listen to stuffs that will do same. Please read more of true-life-story of great men and women. Also watch their movies and documentaries. Do not listen to too much of the music that the majority of your mates listen to; they cannot help you too much. Trust me my dear child, they cannot help you, I repeat. In fact, if I must tell you the whole truth, they are poisonous to your soul…You mean it? Yes, I am very sure.

Before you give your mind to any material, ask the question, what value does this add to my present and future? I need you to understand that the information you deliberately feed or allow into your mind will determine what you know, what you know will determine your values, your values will determine your habits, your habits will determine your relationships, your relationships will determine your rewards, your rewards will determine your significance.

I know you are a child and you want to have fun but I charge you my child, have fun but do not have fun for fun. You know what, your life as a child is not a rehearsal for your adult life. Your life has started now. If you take the right decisions now, particularly in the area of developing your mind, all you will need to do is to manage it for the rest of your life. The reverse is also true, if you take the wrong decisions also, you will live to repair it for the rest of your life. As your parent, I wish I had known this early in life. Your friends who make jest of you today will surely come to seek your help tomorrow.

I must charge you finally today, my dear child that it is not too early for you to take life seriously and begin to pay the inevitable dues for greatness. John C. Maxwell once share what his father told him when he was growing up, ‘John, it is either you pay now and play later or you play now and pay later but whichever one, you choose, know that you will surely pay.’ I must inform you that the likes of William Colgate, Benjamin Franklin, Sarah Breedlove Walker, Bill Gates, Myles Monroe, Ben Carson, John Foppe and our own world-acclaimed, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, just to mention a few took life serious from their childhood. As I said before childhood is not equal to foolishness. It is not equal to weakness and it is not equal to irresponsibility. I urge you to take responsibility for your mind today. I charge you today, read, read and read. I charge you to read your school books and beyond that, I advise you to read books like Gifted Hands, Think Big, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers and many more. If you want to know which other books, you can read, please let me know, you can be rest assured that I will advise you accordingly. When you read, take notes of the lessons you learn and how you can apply same to your life.

You are created for greatness my dear child; it is my responsibility to point you to it. Surely, I will do. I know God, who gave you to me has given me grace.

Wow…I didn’t know this commandment will this much of our time. Anyway, I am consoled with the fact that it is worth the effort. I think we should adjourn till tomorrow…What do you think? Thank you my child for staying through this discussion. I look forward to continuing tomorrow. Do have an INSPIRED day.

To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014(2)

My dear child, I am glad to be with you again today. The look on your face convinces me you are eager for our discussion. You must have enjoyed the last one we had. Thank you for not just listening. I appreciate you that you hear me.

I will not take much of your time, as you told me you have some school assignments to attend to. I will kick off with the commandments you must trust God to follow if you must make a difference this year and beyond:

  1. Put God first in all things: you are created to give God glory my dear child. You must not live below the mark. Joel Osteen, who we both watch on Trinity Broadcasting Network says, ‘give God first place in your life and He will take you places.’ I have practiced this principle in my life and I have found it to be true and worthy of recommendation to others, especially you my dear child.To put God first is to live for Him; it is to honour Him in all your ways; it is to commit your life and ways into His able hands; it is to seek to know Him through His word; it is to be His representative to everyone you meet. You know how much we value prayers as your parents and we show you the example through our morning devotion and family prayer together before we go to bed in the night. You remember when you were struggling with a particular subject and it appeared your teacher and lesson teacher could not help. I also tried my best to explain it to you. You remember, how you prayed to God in your own words and few days after you rushed to me to say that it was as if someone opened your understanding and I told you it was not someone but it was God. You remember that you became the best student in that same subject at the end of the session. I charge you today my child that if sinners entice you, do not consent. Do not be pressured my child, be the pressure point. Be a reference point of the glory of God at home and in school. Please remember the child of whom you are…You are a child of God. I do not say to you to make me proud…I always say to you, do all to make God proud because if God is proud of you, you can be rest assured that I am already proud.
  1. Live wise: the Holy Writ says, ‘even a child is distinguished, when his conduct is pure and right.’ As I have always told you that being young is not equal to being irresponsible, being young is not equal to being weak and being young does not equal to being stupid. You must embrace wisdom. The Holy Writ says, you are more knowledgeable than your teachers. Do you know why? You are drinking from a higher source. You are from above and so is your source and he that is from above is above all. Do you know what my child, you are not only from above, you are far above. These things are not supposed to puff you up or make you become prideful, my child. This knowledge is to help you place a consistent demand on who you are inside of you. As I have always told you that knowledge puff up but only love edifies. I charge you my dear child, to your wisdom please add love. I will shed light on the love aspect later. I must quickly tell you my child that foolishness is not an option for you. It comes with great cost. It is a cost you cannot afford. It is very huge. It makes you go bankrupt and in most cases recovery is very slow. I can tell you this firsthand because I was once foolish. I do not need you to repeat my mistakes before you can learn my lessons. I am here you to learn from my mistakes and learn, you should. I am glad, I was rescued from my foolishness but I am still dealing with its numerous and countless consequences. It was by God mercies that I was not consumed. Many of my friends, who we practiced foolishness together are nowhere to be found today. It means it is not everyone, who finds himself/herself in the hand of foolishness end up receiving his freedom. I say all this to you to convince you that you must embrace wisdom. Do not have a taste or even a pinch of foolishness. I will like to conclude this point by telling you that there are only two universal languages in the world. Do you know what they are? Simple, they are wisdom and foolishness. My dear child, please note this, when you speak the language of wisdom anywhere in the world, you attract honour and favour but when you speak the language of foolishness anywhere in the world, you attract disgrace and rods. As we journey on in this discussion, I will show you the character of wisdom. You remember the Holy Writ says wisdom is known by its children.

I think I should sign out here. I believe I have said enough for the day. Tomorrow is another day by the grace of God. Please do your home work well. Do have an INSPIRED day.

To My Child: 12 Commandments For Your Difference in 2014(1)

This is wishing you happy New Year my dear child. We thank God that we are alive, hale and healthy. The immediate past year was interesting as I watch you grow into maturity spirit, soul and body. I am glad that you are growing in wisdom, in stature and in favour with God and man. When you told me that you teacher called you and told you that he sees leadership traits in you, I was not surprised. I am joyous that you are living out to the witness of all, the principles I and your mother have continue to demonstrate to you.

You see, dear child, as we begin a New Year, It is becoming clearer to me more than ever before that I getting closer to the day of my departure. Do not be scared my child, I am not planning to die now and as a matter of fact I do not see death in the horizon at all. I just want you to know that it is a fact of life that we will one day depart this sinful world to rest in the bosom of our Lord. I think my number one responsibility is to prepare you to be able to live meaningfully without me after my departure either now or when I become aged. It is a popular saying among our people that the One, in whose hands are our days, meticulously number our days, but we forget that we will one day see Him face to face sooner or later.

I believe that the most enduring and priceless legacy I can leave in this world is a well-trained you, my dear child. Our people also say and I verily believe them that a child, who we do not train is the one, who squander the wealth we amass. I am also instructed by the Holy Writ that ‘a good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children…’ As I meditate on this injunction, I found another one in the Holy Writ, ‘choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold.’ As I meditate on these two injunctions, it hits me that the most invaluable inheritance a good man must strive to leave for his children are good reputation and being held in high esteem.

My dear child, the question now is how does one leave a good name and being viewed in high esteem as an inheritance to his child? I think there are two ways to do that. The first is for me, your parent to be a model of good reputation and high esteem in all that I do. The second is to sit you down and share with you from time to time as you grow up, the principles to which I am committed spirit, soul and body to be reckoned a person of good reputation and high esteem. As part of the second effort, I must also share with you the processes of attaining the foregoing. I must let you see that the toga of good reputation, which put on you the upper toga of being held in high esteem is not an easy one to wear and sustain wearing. I need to let you see that it takes a lot of faith in God and self-discipline to wear this priceless toga and continue to wear it. I need to let you see that there are many times you will be misunderstood and considered an enemy of progress because you will not join to execute the seemingly profitable ventures of the majority. I must explain to you that when you wear this toga, you walk alone most of the time.

Lastly, I must let you know that it pays to be a man or woman of good reputation. Good reputation buys what money and position cannot buy.  The first commodity it buys for you is high esteem. The currency of good reputation is favour and it never suffers any devaluation. Favour as a currency in the hands of a person with good reputation keeps going from appreciation to appreciation and again the one who has it is never broke. Favour as a currency is a universal instrument of exchange. Once you have it you can shop in any economy and get the best of deals.

Why do I need to teach you all these, I want you to be in a position to not only enjoy the inheritance I am leaving for you, I want you to sustain it and also leave it as an inheritance to your own children and beyond. You are the one that will push this inheritance from generation to generation.

It is in the light of this that I will share with you what I have titled, 12 Commandments For Your Difference in 2014. If you read them well, understand them and leave by them, your profiting will be seen by all men. I know you will my dear child. I believe so much in you. Concerning you, I have constant expectation of good and excellent things.

I think we should continue tomorrow, I would not want to bore you with many words. I will start with the first commandment tomorrow. Do have an INSPIRED Day.

There are 3 areas to grow, pursue that…Age does not necessarily speak wisdom…the area you do not grow will not grow.

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