To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014: What Do You See?

My dear child, I am glad this is another promise kept in our great relationship. I will bring our discussion to an end today. I am sure you are set to make a difference in the midst of the multitude. The multitude is never the challenge my dear child because there will always be multitude. Should I say, the multitude, you will always have with you. The real challenge is that many of us do not have the wisdom to penetrate the multitude and stand out. Hear this, my dear child, you are the light of the world. You are a nation on high, you must not be hidden. You are created for meaningful contributions, for which humanity will give thank to your Creator. Meaningful contribution is a man’s door out of obscurity. I have proven this to be true my dear child.

I should have been through by now with our discussion, having discussed the 12 Commandments, I promised you. But I think I should just once and for all discuss with you the 13th Commandment. I believe it is the foundation of all the other commandments. It is the commandment, which give all the other commandments their life and direction. In fact it is their source and sustainer.

The 13th Commandment is vision. It is very simple. It only seeks to ask you one question: what do you see? I think the most instructive question anyone could ask you is, what do you see? Vision does not only address the far future; it also addresses the very near future. To make a difference in any area of life, now or in the future, you must see it. Many are so blind, all they see is today. What do you see about siblings? What do you see about the phone in your hand? What do you see about the school you attend? What do you see about the subjects you offer in school? What do you see about your growing body? What do you see about your friends? What do you see about the clothes you wear?

Note that I have not asked you what you see about the very far future. It is deliberate my dear child. If you do not see what is near, you will not see what is far? If you do not see the night from morning, it is difficult for you to see tomorrow. Dream far but break it down to very near. As you break it down it becomes easy and achievable. This brings joy into your heart to pursue.

Do not be deceived my dear child, your today determines your future. I have seen people, who are so crazy about the future but have refused to pay attention to the present, which is the vehicle to the future.  Your vision begins today? For example my dear child, when you woke up today, what is your vision for today. What do you see for today? If you see something, how do you plan to achieve it? Life is one day at a time. Yes, you want to be a medical doctor. What is your vision for your school today? What is your vision concerning being approached by a class mate for friendship? What is your vision for learning life skills? What is your vision of the opposite sex and sex itself? What is your vision about higher education?  What is your vision about the money in your hand?

My dear child, I charge you today to dream and see vision. It is a picture of a preferable future impacted by God.  The next minute is the future of this minute. I think you must make a commitment that your next minute will be better than this minute. Choose to be better per minute. Challenge yourself all the time. You do not have a competition. Nobody is your competitor my child, you are unique. You are not created to run same race with another, so why compare yourself to anyone? I must tell you my child, it takes acute foolishness to embark on the unprofitable journey of comparison. I do not do it my dear child. I must not deceive you, I am sometimes tempted to, but I have learnt to speak to my faculties to behave and respect order. Your standard, set according to the universal principles of how God designed this world to function is your benchmark. I always tell people that I do not owe anyone performance. I owe myself performance. I owe my dignity performance. I give my best because the best is what I empowered to give. I will not stoop lower than the investment of my heavenly Father in me. To do that will be to be a waster. It will mean I am not grateful.

I will have to leave you now my dear child. I am confident that if you would live by these things, you will be a marvel and centre of attraction for excellence. I know what I am talking about. I have practiced most of these principles in the last seventeen years and I can assure you they work wonders. Do you know why? They are God-ordained. They do not have side effects. They can only do you good all the days of your life. Here is recipe for living a different life and becoming a role model to your peers, embrace it and make yourself proud. If you make yourself proud, my dear child, be sure that I will be proud of myself and you. With my biggest hug, I send you to make a difference in a crowded world this year and beyond. I pray for you that my God will help you. Always remember the child of who you are…You are God’s child. Do have an INSPIRED year.

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