Human and Social Hindrances to Child Protection: The Superstitious

These ones have no basis for their beliefs and conclusion. They have no respect for logical and premise thinking.  They live by what they call the traditions of their forefathers. These are traditions they have not taken time to assess or reassess. They have not even stopped once to ask any question about its benefits and otherwise. These ones live a large part of their lives on assumptions. The fact that they have access to formal education does not help what they believe. Many of them believe that the girl child is inferior to the boy child. The incredible advancements that women have attained in our society appear not to instruct people with this backward belief.

These ones live by a general misconception that until a family has a boy child, they do not have children yet. Many have countless children they do not have any plan to take care of in the name of looking for a boy child. I do not understand why the sole reason of bringing a child to this world would be a search for a particular sex. The misconception about the girl child is huge. Some even go ahead and have secret boy children where their wives are not able to give them the desired boy child.

Recently, these superstitious souls in a particular state in Nigeria accused their own children of witchcraft and maimed and killed them. They were even joined by religious leaders. Their so-called knowledge of God did not help them to see the children being accused as gifts from God to humanity. God created children and not witches. The truth is superstition has no soul and human feeling. It is not predicated on facts and tested principles of life. It is the foundation of prejudice and paranoia. Yet it holds free and unbelievable sway in the daily lives of most African and the impact on our children is enormous and saddening. We cannot afford it to continue.

Thank you for visiting today. Do have an INSPIRED day. I charge you to Think the CHILD…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE…

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