In my meditation on the early hours of Saturday May 3, 2014 I think I understand more than ever before that as long as we remain in this suit, not matter the enviable heights of our attainment, we are men and women of many inner STRUGGLES…

I believe that these inevitable STRUGGLES have direct IMPACT on our ACTIONS & OMISSIONS both in personal and official relationships…

I think for a man or woman to make the best of his/her existence, he/she must UNDERSTAND and BEAR with the STRUGGLES of others, knowing that such UNDERSTANDING and BEARING is an INEVITABLE SEED, which bountiful HARVEST is the UNDERSTANDING and BEARING from others in our own times when our inner STRUGGLES catches up with us in our ACTIONS and OMISSION…
I think this is worth considering for meaningful living…
Do have yourselves an INSPIRED week.
I am Taiwo Akinlami and I am sober on my knees on the LORD’s Day

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