Child Protection Intelligence Movement  presents Monthly Child Protection Discussion Stimulating Scenarios(CPDSS)

Our Bi-monthly Child Protection Basics Class of our Child Protection Academy began a year ago…

We thank God for the calibre of men and women(secondary and primary caregivers) the Academy has attracted and the mind-blowing testimonies we have received…I keep saying to myself, what if we didn’t obey the divine mandate to start? The other day, one of our members came all the way from Imo State to be part of the program in Lagos…

Dear stakeholders, we are starting another meeting…This one is a monthly meeting, christened, Monthly Child Protection Discussion Stimulating Scenarios(CPDSS)…It comes under our Child Protection intelligence Movement. The purpose of this meeting is to open a channel of discussions for primary and secondary caregivers…The meeting will discuss true-life stories touching on Child Protection & Traffic Issues, Child Protection from Sexual, Emotional, Physical Abuses and Neglect and many other issues…We shall do only two things: 1. Decide the topic in due consultations with primary and secondary caregivers on our database; 2. Moderate the discussions of caregivers and collate the solutions as reference point for the participants and others who may want to have access to same….

The CPDSS plaform is a Support Group addressing real issues touching our children through sharing of pratical experiences by caregivers…

Below is the type of true-life and eye-opening matters we will take on at CPDSS, which inaugural meeting we will announce soon:
‘A hairdresser comes home to make hair for a five year old girl. She takes a corner in the home of the parents where she makes the child’s hair. The child’s parents are around and the child and the hairdresser are within sight. When the child becomes cranky and does not want to cooperate with the hairdresser to make her hair, the hairdresser gets the attention of the child with pornographic video materials on her phone, which she gives to the child to hold. After a while the child begins to manifest strange sexual behaviors. The parents find out that the child is introduced to pornographic material by the hairdresser under their own roof and nose. Do you think the parents are culpable in anyway? How do you think the parents should handle the situation?’

We desire your response to this test, yet real case…

I remain your host, Taiwo Akinlami and I am sober on my knees on this LORD’S Day.

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