TeacherFIRE Revolution Day at Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls
Dateline was Monday, January 4, 2016, we were warmly received at the Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls…My team and I were there from 9.00AM – 4.00PM, disseminating our widely accepted and best selling program, The TeacherFIRE Revolution. It was simply Revolution by FIRE as the teachers, who later shared their stories of inner transformation, were ushered into a year of total commitment to the child.

The TeacherFIRE Revolution
The TeacherFIRE Revolution is a registered Trademark of Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy.It is far from being a product of a brain wave, conjecture, unguarded intellectual ejaculation or cunningly devised fables. It is a comprehensive biographical studies of the lives of teachers from diverse generations and climes(First World to Third World), who against all odds transformed the lives of the children under their care through their own transformed lives. The study, which was inspired by my no-very-pleasant childhood experiences in schools, took us over 13(thirteen) of rigorous labour in the laboratory of keen research to figure out and over 50,000 dollars invested. It is important to note that the Revolution is homegrown and ORIGINAL and that we only named it The TeacherFIRE at the inception of dissemination. It was renamed, The TeacherFIRE Revolution by our thousands of participants, who simply described their experience as nothing but REVOLUTIONARY.

The Journey So Far
Our TeacherFIRE Revolution journey did not begin with the great day we had at Vivian Fowler on Monday, January 4, 2016. It has spanned a period of half a decade. Thousands of teachers have benefited from the distinct message of The TeacherFIRE Revolution over the years, within and outside Lagos State, private and public schools, including 900 public school teachers in Lagos State in partnership with L.E.A.R.N and Lagos State Government.

The magic year for The TeacherFIRE Revolution was 2011, when it found an unalloyed believer in the gracious Dr. Mrs. Femi OGUNSANYA, Managing Director of OTC, the leading Sixth Form Institute in Nigeria, Chairman of Association of Private Educators of Nigeria(APEN) and an educationist per excellence, after we disseminated The TeacherFIRE Revolution to her highly esteemed institution of learning, Oxbridge Tutorial College and she fully participated, experiencing the Revolution, firsthand. Dr. Mrs. OGUNSANYA facilitated the dissemination of The TeacherFIRE Revolution at the 3rd APEN Conference to school leaders from all over the country. The Revolution was received with standing ovation, after 4 hours of delivery in 2 sessions, opening the floodgate of invitations to the highly esteemed schools and organisations like Grange, Chrisland, Corona, S.T&T Regency, MeadowHall, Discovery House, Supreme Education Foundation, Oueensland Schools, Treasure House, Master’s Mark, Carley College, Mind Builders, Role Model, Bridge House College, Pampers Private School, Temple School, The Fountain School, Fountain Heights Secondary School, Diamond Private School, Lead-Forte Gate, Taqwa School, Salvation International and Dansol High School, TLS, Anglican Communion Schools, The Children’s Department of the Dominion City Church, UNICEF, NAPTIP, LEAP Africa, Fate Foundation, National Orientation Agency, NAPPS, Lagos, Oyo and Osun States governments, just to mention a few.

The Unique Focus
The TeacherFIRE Revolution promotes Child-focused or child-centred teaching, thereby helping the teacher to focus more on the LEARNER instead of LEANING process and actively engaging and spurring the unfettered interest of the LEARNER in his/her own learning.

When the teacher focuses more on the LEARNING PROCESS more than the LEARNER(the child) as it is the popular practice today, he/she robs the child of CHILDHOOD…When the child is robbed of CHILDHOOD in school, he/she receives the education of every other subject but of himself/herself…He/she is trained to BECOME but not to BE…When a man BECOME without first BEING, you have ACHIEVEMENT without CHARACTER…

Unfortunately, this is what our society celebrates today…Theory of the END justifies the MEANS…A little wonder, our educational system promotes GRADES over CHARACTER…We show the child everything but himself/herself…Until man or woman finds himself/herself, he/she has found and learnt nothing…Finding oneself is from CHILDHOOD and it is most CRITICAL of all the FACTORS of LIVING a life of prodigious MEANING and indelible IMPACT.

Helping a child to find himself/herself through the PROTECTION and PRESERVATION of CHILDHOOD begins with helping the child to be CONSCIOUS of his/her DIGNITY of HUMAN PERSON…That is the CENTRAL MESSAGE of The TeacherFIRE Revolution.

The longevity of an institution of learning does not answer ro edifices…It only answers to the PROTECTION and PRESERVATION of CHILDHOOD.

As a teacher, you must not give your heart rest or your eyes sleep until you attend The TeacherFIRE Revolution…Believe me, it is critical to the honing of your perspective and preparing you for your next level of relevance in the noble profession…As school leaders, in search of generational impact and exponential growth, for which your teachers and the children they teach will be eternally grateful, it is time to sign up for the Revolution…As parents, who sincerely desire a revolutionised teacher for our precious children, The TeacherFIRE Revolution is the answer.

According to William Arthur Ward. The MEDIOCRE teacher TELLS. The GOOD teacher EXPLAINS. The SUPERIOR teacher DEMONSTRATES. The GREAT teacher INSPIRES. The GOAL of The TeacherFIRE Revolution, which it has achieved over and over again in the last half a decade is to raise GREAT Teachers…

It your turn to join the Revolution by bringing The TeacherFIRE Revolution to your constituency(schools, children and youth departments of religious places of worship, higher institutions etc) without further delay.

Permit me to conclude with the  resounding words of Dr. Maggie Ibru, the Founder of S.T&T Regency International School, GRA, Ikeja after we disseminated The TeacherFIRE Revolution to her highly esteemed institution of learning in 2012, where she participated fully, ‘I’m humbled. I must do more for my community, my staff, my students and my world. He(Taiwo AKINLAMI) has shown me that I can never do enough for my world.’

Dear dedicated primary and secondary caregiver, your NUMBER ONE ASSIGNMENT in joining this inevitable REVOLUTION is to share this piece with your constituency…Please do it NOW in the BEST INTEREST OF OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN. Thank you most profoundly sirs and mas.
Do have an INSPIRED week.
I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I am Sober on my knees on this LORD’S Day.
T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: http://www.taiwoakinlami.com B: http://www.taiwoakinlami.WordPress.com T: @taiwoakinlami E: Principal@taiwoakinlami.com

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