Still on Safety in Our Schools

A journalist called me the other day and referred to me as an ACTIVIST and I rejected the nomenclature or appellation. I did that not for the sake of it or fussing over an attempt to be different. I rejected the nomenclature simply because it is not true of what I represent…I am not an ACTIVIST nor an AGITATOR…I am simply a CONSCIOUS PROFESSIONAL…I am a Public Interest Legal Practitioner, whose mandate is Legal Enlightenment and Social Development(LEAD) and whose mission is Social Empowerment and Advancement. My flagship project is Childhood PROTECTION & PRESERVATION Culture, which I have spent almost all of my conscious adult life to focus on without distraction.

I am trained both formally and informally, locally and internationally to carry out my professional responsibilities by the best international organisations and institutions in my field and I have had the rare privilege of working with some. Besides, I have invested heavily in my personal and professional development.

As a trained professional, I create cutting-edge and tested products and services to EMPOWER the members of the public, both client and non-client. I am delighted to share regularly the positive impact of our service and products on the excited recipients under my #TheTasteofThePUDDING campaign on my Social Media Platforms.

I am not interested in creating or feeding people’s anger, excluding them from the solutions to their personal or public issues and presenting myself as their social messiah, upon who they pour libations praise. That formula only increases my VISIBILITY and FORTUNES and deepen their WOES and FRUSTRATION. Rather, I calm people’s anger and proffer well-informed and professional solutions, thereby empowering them to take their salvation into their hands and experience tangible and enduring ADVANCEMENT. I understand that genuine personal and social transformation, though may be led by a person but it is a ultimately a game of number, which must include every member of the society, who hope to reap the dividends of such efforts. This is the clear lesson of history from generation to generation and clime to clime. Thus, you may not find me often and quick in the theatre of social media frenzy, like the one making rounds about the Queens College case, which I am personally investigating, as my custom is and will share my findings as soon as possible.

I seek to be known for the CAUSE I REPRESENT and not the CAUSE I am AGAINST. My core IDEOLOGY is ENLIGHTENMENT is SUPERIOR to ENFORCEMENT™. Therefore my solutions are tailored after creating a culture, which extols PREVENTION over CURE or at most EARLY RESPONSE. The simple reason is that once a child is abused, the entirely of CHILDHOOD is truncated FOREVER except there is DIVINE intervention. My personal history is an eloquent testifier to the foregoing principle.

For example, in matters relating to our precious children, studies, particularly by UNICEF has shown that all forms of abuse are PREVENTABLE. I also believe that when a child is abused, the number one culprit is the caregiver, saddled with the onerous responsibility of protecting the child, who created the loopholes, which the other abuser capitalized on. There is never a crime except there is security breach. Therefore in the case of abuse of a child, there are PRIMARY, SECONDARY and TERTIARY abusers and all must be found and addressed.

The caregivers, who are interested in protecting our precious children must be interested in creating a CULTURE of PROTECTION and PRESERVATION in their homes and institutions. CULTURE, which speaks of dominant VALUES and BELIEF SYSTEM of a person, people or organization is superior to systems. It is CULTURE that CREATES and SUSTAINS systems.

It is in this light again, I must on top of my voice and with most profound respect return to the issue of safety and security in our schools…As our custom is, we are here with another cutting-edge, homegrown and tested solution, which is strictly tailored after PREVENTION, SAFETY and SECURITY of our precious children in our BOARDING Schools. It is carefully tagged, ‘So You Want to Run a Safe Boarding School?’
…Keys to Developing Effective Policy on the Protocols of Child Protection/Safe Practices
It holds on March, Wednesday & Thursday 30 & 31, 2016 in Lagos; 9.00AM Daily.

Kindly register you boarding schools, help spread this to anyone running a boarding school, rehabilitation homes or orphanages or sponsor an INSTITUTION. Thank you and do have an INSPIRED week.

For further details, please contact me personally.

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I remain Sober on my knees on this LORD’S day.
(C) 2016 by Taiwo AKINLAMI..All Rights Reserved
T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: B: T: @taiwoakinlami E:

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