Request for Intercession on my BIRTHDAY

It is my BIRTHDAY today…I will spend the  day in pursuit of my lifetime commitment to Childhood PROTECTION & PRESERVATION Culture™ as I train for the BRITISH COUNCIL over 70 schools and Civil Society Organizations on Child Protection Systems within the School System…I am greatly excited as I set out soon…

It is my earnest desire that I will receive a gift of sincere intercession from you TODAY:

1. That I will FIND (in DEEPER DIMENSION) & FULFIL FULLY, the very REASON why my FATHER in HEAVEN SENT me here and the PURPOSE for which my LORD Jesus Christ APPREHENDED me…

2. That every OVERT and COVERT DISTRACTIONS will be far away from me…

3. That I will WALK in HIS WISDOM to be BETTER daily in the WORKS He COMMITTED into my hands, for when I believe that when I am BETTER, I will surely BIGGER in INFLUENCE…

4. That I WALK in HIS WISDOM to be EFFECTIVE in the DISCHARGE of my DIVINE ASSIGNMENT for I believe that when I am EFFECTIVE, GREATNESS becomes an EFFECT…

Thank you most profoundly, sirs & mas for your gifts of earnest prayers, as I earnestly covet and humbly request it here..

Do have an INSPIRED day.

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