I’m D-SMARRTTEESSTT™ Value-building…Self- Protection…Social Smartness…Connecting the Dots.

‘The greatest weapon in the hands of the abuser is the MIND and the IGNORANCE of the abused.’ Child Protection Experts

‘The best way to PROTECT children is to EMPOWER them to PROTECT THEMSELVES.’ Child Protection Experts

‘The greatest gifts you can give your children are the ROOTS of RESPONSIBILITY and the WINGS of INDEPENDENCE.’ Denis Waitley

It is time to INSURE our precious children against all forms of abuse…

Experts and researches have recognised as a critical fact that ‘the best way to PROTECT our precious children is to EMPOWER them to PROTECT THEMSELVES.’

Our program: I’m D-SMARRTTEESSTT™ is a product of years of research and field experience, working with young people. We made our entry into the public school sector in 1997, establishing Drug & Cult Free Clubs at Aladura Comprehensive High School, Anthony Village and other public schools and into the private school sector with the training of the entire students of Atlantic Hall on their rights and protection in the year 2000.

We are not talking about cunningly devised fables or remnants of other peoples’ work or experience.

This is widely TESTED to be very EFFECTIVE both by our precious children/teenagers and their custodians…

It is strictly VALUE-based, yet not boring…It is fun…Yet engaging…It is factual…Yet enjoyable…The truth is that with the program and dissemination of same, there is no dull moments.

It is designed to empower our precious teenagers with the age-long but abandoned principles of SELF-PROTECTION, clearly distinguished from the commonly discussed SELF-DEFENCE practices. SELF-PROTECTION principles SURELY achieve PROTECTION and SELF-DEFENCE, at best achieves ENFORCEMENT or narrow ESCAPE.

Take these from us as a frontline expert in Family STRENGTHENING, Child Rights, Care and Protection and CHILDHOOD RESTORATION and PRESERVATION.

That in this season of volatility and rampancy of abuses, this program is the most invaluable gift we can give to our precious children/teenagers as they prepare for life and its many challenges.

That to enlist our precious children in their own protection requires training from the best hands and our records and testimonies of participants attest to the effectiveness of this training and our empowerment solutions.

I therefore invite you to register your precious children for our program which details are contained in our e-handbill
I am Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUWU’ AKINLAMI, I am The Preacher of the Gospel According to Child Protection and CHILDHOOD PRESERVATION CULTURE in the defense of the precious African child and I remain Sober on my knees TODAY.
C) 2016 by Taiwo AKINLAMI..All Rights Reserved
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