World Humanitarian Day 2016 #ShareHumanity Alan and Omran: A Dirge to a Dying World

When a world floats on her own Sinking FUTURE;
This tells his story, Alan, 3, buried in the bottomless belies of the Mediterranean waters and his dreams also…
When a world sheds the blood of her own FUTURE;
This is his story, Omran, 5, pulled out of Aleppo rubbles, dead to peace, yet breathing fear, robbed of life and all of its beautiful essence…

I see the FUTURE our World with oracular precision,
I see her FUTURE in Aleppo,
Where evil is blessed with the libation of SILENCE,
Where Politics and empty promises are thicker than the blood of the FUTURE,
Where INNOCENCE is on trial,
INSENSITIVITY is the lawyer,
SILENCE is the prosecution witness,
SENSATIONALISM is the reporter,
HYPOCRISY is the judge,
And the Judgment is ‘INNOCENCE and her Childhood are hereby suspended forever…’

I see the FUTURE our World with oracular precision,
A dying world,
Like Aleppo, like the world, says MLK, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…’

Today, as we mark World Humanitarian Day Abraham Lincoln reminds our world of her ‘ONE HUMANITY’: ‘the state of humanity is in the hands of the child…’

It is time to defend HUMANITY,
It is time to defend the CHILD…
It is time for our world to rise from the shameful ashes of HYPOCRISY and INDIFFERENCE and deliver her FUTURE from Extinction.
I am Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUWU’ AKINLAMI, I am The Preacher of the Glorious Gospel According #FamilyStrengthening #ChildRightsa&Protection & #ChildhoodPreservation&Restoration in the defense of the precious African child and the Family very dear to him/her and I remain Sober on my knees TODAY.
T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: B: T: @taiwoakinlami E:
C) 2016 by Taiwo AKINLAMI..All Rights Reserved

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