Chapter 1:
1. I am glad to announce to you dear conscious primary and secondary caregivers that this Glorious Gospel According to Family Strengthening and Child Rights/Protection which God first shone its light in my heart 19 years is becoming a household message by the day.

2. I am glad also that He gave me grace, though covered with scars of sacrifices, He gave me grace to pioneer this Glorious Gospel.

3. For many years, I was the voice of the one crying in the wilderness, crying to bring to the very front burner of conscience and consciousness of private(particularly family) and public institutions, the rights, protection and responsibilities of our precious children for due respect IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE AFRICAN CHILD.

4. Today the Gospel is summed up as Rights, Protection, Preservation, Restoration and Revolution.

5. Today, I can say boldly that though we still have a lot of grounds to cover, yet if our Glorious Gospel According to Family Strengthening and Child Rights/Protection be hidden, it is hidden from those who are yet to accept and embrace as eternal truth that life begins and ends at CHILDHOOD and the impact of damaged CHILDHOOD is eternal except there is divine intervention.

6. Therefore, knowing the terror of damaged CHILDHOOD on the child, his/her family and the world as a whole, we warn all concerned to pay attention to the Rights of the child, protection from all forms of abuse, the preservation of his/her CHILDHOOD and Restoration of their own lost CHILDHOOD through a Culture Revolution.

7. Thus when I had the rare opportunity of preaching the Glorious Gospel in the province of Surulere, in the State of Lagos on Tuesday, the 23rd day of our Lord in the Month of August, at the gathering at house of LEARN to young men, I told them that they must not allow any peer or caregiver to despise or take advantage of their youth through any form of abuse, physical, sexual, emotional and neglect.

8. I beseeched them by the mercies of God that they stand at alert, for those who deliberately or ignorantly seek their CHILDHOOD to abuse same are multiplying in number and tactics by the day.

9. From the Province of Surulere, after ministering to the young lads, who were sorrowful that we were leaving, though encouraged by our message, I proceeded on Wednesday, the 23rd day of our Lord in the month of August to the province of Lekki, in the state of Lagos, where Educators from all over the land of Nigeria had been gathered by MeadowHall Consult at their yearly EDUCAMP to receive the Glorious Gospel.

10. It was my Second Missionary Journey, having preached the Glorious Gospel there in the year of our Lord 2011.

11. The Glorious Gospel was preached in the province of Lekki on that day, backed up with passion and knowledge and there was joy in the province and its inhabitants were hugely converted, many who will like us bring the Glorious Gospel to their provinces too in other states of the land of Nigeria.

12. On the last two days of week of the Lord, I sat at the gates with elders and leaders from the government of the state of Lagos, UNICEF, EU, UNODC and CPN to look at a treatise affecting our precious children, who offend the law of the land.

13. What a glorious week, in which souls of men and women were touched and converted to see the light of the Glorious Gospel.

14. The Preacher prepares for another great week of Preaching the Glorious Gospel in season and out of season, urging you also to do all within your power to bring the Glorious Gospel to your areas of influence, family, organizations(for-Profit and Not-For-Profit), Faith-Based Organizations and all, noting that the Glorious Gospel applies to ALL.

15. May the Grace of God remain with you as you go through an INSPIRED week as I remain Sober on my Knees on this day of the Lord.

(C) 2016 by Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUWU’ AKINLAMI..All Rights Reserved
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