1. Today, my heart considers a matter as I think about our precious African children, in whose hands lies the present and the future of our great continent.

2. My heart considers a generation that was not raised, now saddled with the arduous responsibility of raising another as if a man/woman can give what he/she does not have.

3. My heart thinks about men and women, who are gravely sick and yet line up in their droves to donate blood out of ignorance, denial or delusion about their state of health.

4. My heart considers a continent, whose best labour is in the direction of where she has not sown.

5. My heart considers a generation of caregivers, whose priorities are misplaced on things that have no future, yet sacrificing her own future.

6. My heart considers a people, who steal from themselves and yet rejoice greatly over her bountiful loot of self-depletion.

7. My heart thinks about a generation, who has lost the bearing of their conscience to the demands of their belly, the lots of an average Third Wordier.

8. My heart thinks about a generation, who do not think in premise and precepts in accordance with universal principles of human existence, ordained by God and therefore inconsistent in words and deeds.

9. My heart thinks about a generation of primary and secondary caregivers, who do not understand the dictates of their roles and the boundaries therein and now enthrones confusion as the rule of engagement.

10. My heart thinks about a continent, who has no respect for the dignity of human person and has now enthroned abusive measures as celebrated tools of discipline.

11. My heart thinks about many pseudo ideologues, who have lost touch with the freshness of originality of thinking and solutions, who now propagate the spilled ejaculation of other men’s thoughts as their most precious possession of thinking and solutions.

12. My heart thinks about a legion of us, who bless the evil of stripping our precious children of their essence of humanity and dignity with the libation of cold and conscienceless silence.

13. My heart thinks about many of us who shed and feed fat on the blood of our precious children, our future.

14. Today as my heart considers these matters, I keep searching myself to see by which of these ones I am plagued also, that after preaching with all fervency this Glorious Gospel According to Child Rights/Protection and Family Strengthening, I may not be a castaway, both here and hereafter.

15.Sober on my knees on this LORD’S day, I pray to God, the magnanimous Maker of us all to grant us the wisdom to search the depth of our conscience to see where we fail, that we may make quick amends in the defence of the BEST INTEREST OF OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN and our future thereof.

(C) 2016 by Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUWU’ AKINLAMI..All Rights Reserved
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