Case or cases are inevitable in life and business…In fact, to think that we will run a case-free life, either small or massive will amount to living in an Island, called mirage, where ALICE is the undisputed QUEEN…

What do I mean by case or cases? I mean a situation that occurs by our commission, omission, failure of the system which we operate or operate in, human foibles or in few instances by an act of God. For example when a child is abused when under the custody and care of a school. That is a case. A case of this nature may be attributable to negligence of omission or commission, purely human or system imperfections, considering that in very few life instances, we are forced as human beings to succumb to the imperfections that are inherent in the human and the systems we create.

Permit me to note that it is my fundamental position that with the right system of protection, professionally institutionalized, abuse of children within the school system or anywhere else for that matter is entirely avoidable. This kind of ‘avoidability’ only answers to a professionally entrenched system of protection, codified into a policy.

It is important to note however that while I am deeply persuaded about the foregoing, I am again very conscious that we live in an imperfect world where in very few instances, the best of efforts may not provide the best of protection. This may be due to loopholes within the system, which are unforeseeable to the custodians, despite applying all meticulousness. Thus every system, no matter how strongly established must be conscious of the fact that inherent in it is the huge opportunity of improvements through learning helpful lessons from its failures, big or small. Therefore, whether a case occurs to test the efficacy or effectiveness of a child protection system or not, experienced and insightful experts in child protection do not only unrepentantly insist on periodic review of the child protection system but also embed in the system a review provision.

It is important to note that irrespective of the causative agent of a case of abuse, hope is never lost as long as the school know what to do to respond to same. It is called CASE MANAGEMENT. It is important to note that every case no matter how big or small or the causative agent, (remote or immediate) has a SEED of CRISIS in it. It is also important to note that the SEED of CRISES in a case does not have a life of its own except the one given to it or taken from it by the managers of a case through CASE MANAGEMENT.

In my field experiences and personal studies, cases of abuse, irrespective their magnitude or minuteness in the Nigerian schools are further escalated by very poor case management…

I have hardly found cases where school management succeeded in good or excellent CASE MANAGEMENT. A school does not need the crisis that the mismanagement of a case may engender, as it doesn’t represent the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD, but managers often do not understand this fact in the way they manage or mismanage cases of abuse.

It is bad enough for a child to be exposed to an abuse in a school, it worse for the case to be mismanaged. This constitute nothing but double trouble for the child and his/her family.

Permit me to sign out right here and invite you to join me next time as I hopefully will bring this very important discussion to a deserved foreclosure next time.

I invite you to Think the CHILD…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE…Do have an INSPIRED week.

Do have an INSPIRED week.
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