I, The Preacher live in some level of comfort and has made some friends in high places in his country and beyond her shores. The Preacher runs organisations, respected locally and internationally in his chosen field of endeavour, where by God’s grace, he is a leading light and a pioneer, with many well sought-after products and programs, making disciples of children, young people, men and women from all walks of life in their thousands and owing no man nothing but LOVE.  

The Preacher stands before the kings in his industry and beyond, The Preacher being a king himself, a co-creator in the industry, where he plays today. Having risen from abject poverty and abused childhood to a level of comfort and transformed adulthood, The Preacher represents an emerging true story of grass to grace. The Preacher lives in his ‘palace,’ in a highbrow area of the city and his office is located in the area too, where he operates like a Local Government Chairman, providing electricity, water, security, other social amenities at very prohibitive cost with his fellow well-to-do inhabitants, often referred to as residents.  
By the grace of God his organisations give some support to some indigent children and their caregivers to deplete the number of 10.5 million Nigerian child shut out of school, engage in pro bono legal and social services to indigent Nigerians, irrespective of their tribe and religious affiliation, borrow what we can afford to those who seek to borrow from us and gives gifts, according to our ability. 
The summation of The Preacher’s life today is that he lives does not live a life of just-enough. Knowing that the life of a man does not consist in the abundance of his possession, The Preacher lives in contentment and aspires for greater level of relevance, not for the purpose of satisfying stomach infrastructure as that has not been an issue in the last ten years, but for the purpose of being a blessing to the humanity around him and beyond. 
Despite all that I, The Preacher has enumerated above, the more I discover the infinite nature of the potentials, deposited in me by the Creator in His unfathomable magnanimity, the more I discover that Nigeria as it is deliberately structured today does not have what it takes in terms social, economic and political infrastructure to help The Preacher give unfettered expression to his highest aspirations first as a citizen and second as a conscious soul. I daresay that as it is with The Preacher, so it is with every conscious citizens in this clime today. 
This discovery of The Preacher as explained above imposes a heavy burden of concern, first for him and his children and millions of other so-called citizens, who do not have the kind of opportunities open to The Preacher and exposure thereof and are therefore forgotten as aliens and pariahs in their own native land. 
While The Preacher and his family may think of changing their location to developed climes of the world or go there from time to time and find better expressions to his true potential and legitimately too, but that is not the case for the majority of our people, who live and die in pitiable, yet avoidable instalments in their own land. 
Clear to the mind of The Preacher is the fact that one rich man or woman in the midst of legions of poor people is himself, a poor man or woman. Real wealth is democratised wealth, which opens majority of the members of society to access to basic needs of life like shelter, food, health, education, social security, work etc. The real wealth is called Social Protection, which root is found in the fundamental human rights of every citizen and respect for same first by the state, laying good example for other members of society to follow. 
To this heavy burden there are many options, the first, which may be in the best interest of self-preservation is to supress the burden, look another way and pretend everything is normal and continue to life in an unusual manner. The second is to book one way ticket and check out like Andrew, either to launch a social media attack from there or rest in your mind in false peace. The third is to become a spectator of those, who dare to engage the system, coming to them in the night like Nicodemus, who came to Jesus in the night, assuring them of your support, but stand fully aloof, passive and unconcerned during the day. The fourth one is to become disgruntled and angry and begin to launch virulent attack on the system and her representatives under the delusion that anger is a tool of social change, agonising instead of organising and encouraging so much motion without movement. The fifth is to ride on the success of the last, which secures the attention of the system, you may begin to trade your burden for the fleeting pleasure of Naira and Kobo. 
The sixth is that you may join the league of those who seek to seize the reins of power, without asking the critical question of how does your victory alleviate the suffering of the people, forgetting that seizing power is one thing and securing the services of altruistic members of society, who have the capacity to serve the people is another. The seventh is that you may embrace patience, anchored on social and political maturity, sit down with the drawing board, with like minds, designing credible and tested alternatives to all that you have observed to be wrong with the society, place it on the fulcrum of a social, economic and political ideology, peculiar to the people, their yearnings, hopes and aspiration and begin a long-term and peaceful mobilization along the lines of the articulated alternatives and ideology. 
The goal of the last option is to involve the majority or a tangible number of the people in their own emancipation. History has shown that the best of transformation, which answers to sustainability happens when the people are deliberately involved in the process, seeing same evolving from them as inevitable part and being in control of same. 
I, The Preacher gravitates toward the last. Permit me to end my lamentations here today.  This continues another day with the ‘THERE IS SOMETHING IN ME’ phrase, which The Preacher abandoned today to lay out his motive for his lamentations. 
Do have an INSPIRED weekend. 
I am Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUWU’ AKINLAMI (The Preacher) T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 E: principal@taiwoakinlami.com W: http://www.taiwoakinlami.com B: http://www.taiwoakinlamiblog.com T: @taiwoakinlami  IG: @taiwoakinlami

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