The news is making the rounds that Davido visited a night club with her 2 year old daughter.
The question being asked is whether it is morally right or not.
Well, I will not speak to the morality or otherwise of taking a 2 year old to a club. But I will like to ask the following simple question: is a club meant for children? What exactly in a club is a child supposed to or designed for a child to engage in or be engaged or excited with? Dancing adult musical contents with all the lewdness we have come to know them with today?   Smoking pot, tobacco or cigarettes? Second-hand or Third-hand smoking? Drinking alcohol? Strip dancing? Indecent exposure to softcore or hardcore pornography?
Now, considering, the absorbent mind of the child, according to Maria Montessori, can the social and psychological impact of such exposure be quantified on the child’s mind and childhood?
Now, which club doesn’t have age restriction? Or is age restriction not relevant for a club and it is relevant for film houses as to what films children can be exposed or not exposed to?
The issue here is not with Davido. The issue is with the system available at the PUBLIC level to protect the precious African child. Davido’s action is a sad index of the bigger picture of a STATE and her society that do not know the child and the globally celebrated requirements for his/her healthy development, spirit, soul and body, do not respect the child, his/her individuality and pay attention to his/her dignity of human person.
Davido’s action is not in a anyway peculiar. The standard of morality we demand from him is same we must demand from parents, who play adult content and lewd music for innocent children at their parties or at parties where children are present. It is the same standard of morality we must demand from schools, who do not only play adults and lewd music for their pupils and students but also invite the singer to their schools, presenting them to the children as role models. It is the same standard of morality, we must demand from parents, who expose their children to age restricted materials on print, electronic and new media(internet and social media). It is these same standard we must demand from corporate organizations, who organize children programs and invite singers of lewd lyrics as entertainer for children and the parents, who take their children to such events.
Davido, probably doesn’t even know better. If we must hold Davido accountable, we must hold those who are supposed to know better accountable first. I mean educated parents/guardians, institutions of learning, who are supposed to provide intellectual and moral compass to the precious under their care? What about Government, who should play the role of regulations? I have attended government programs for children, countless times, where the case of exposure of children to lewd musical contents was the arrogant practice.
You see until, we recognize that children do not belong to the parents but the STATE and we begin to hold the STATE accountable to play her roles of REGULATION through ENLIGHTENMENT and ENFORCEMENT in the protection of children, things we continue this chaotic and reactivate way.
Yes, the parents/guardians are primary caregivers but their care is to be regulated by the STATE…Where the STATE fails to provide or adhere to REGULATIONS, through ENLIGHTENMENT and ENFORCEMENT, we will continue to a pitiable situation, where parents/caregivers provide care according to their children according to their uninformed whims and caprices and that is VOLATILE and that may not always be in THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.
In the climes where primary and secondary caregivers provide the best of care for their children, it is largely a product of REGULATION, through ENLIGHTENMENT and ENFORCEMENT. Not right thinking STATE leaves the CARE of children solely to the SANITY or otherwise of the primary and secondary caregivers. It is subject to REGULATION, except we are advocating that primary and caregivers should create their own colonies, where they are LORDS OF ALL.
I hope we will begin to hold the STATE accountable in most creative and peaceful ways this NEW YEAR.
Do have an INSPIRED day.
Think the CHILD…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE™

(C) 2018 by Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUKWU’ AKINLAMI (The Preacher) All Rights Reserved T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: http://www.taiwoakinlami.com B: http://www.taiwoakinlamiblog.com T: @taiwoakinlami

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