I have wondered since this #BBNNaija began few years ago what lesson the organizers seek to teach the participating and the viewing young and old people…

Every show reality or otherwise has a clear message from the creator and the media is a medium by which such message is adumbrated and democratised.

Again before the promoter of a show nvests in a medium, they do a marker survey to determine the viewing habits of the target audience…They would not like to invest in the entire process and discover that nobody is watching…The media contents a people are fed with are therefore a perceived or confirmed understanding of the people’s viewing habit. A people’s view habit is a function of their value system…

The devotion of many people, including notable figures to the viewing, voting and promotion of #BBNaija, to the point of gathering a total of 30 million votes in one week, which is considered bigger that the total number of votes that brought Buhari in in 2015 and putting the total number of votes gathered throughout the period of the show at 170 million is a clear picture of our priority and value system as a people…

The story was even told of a state government, who funded people to vote during #BBNaija2017

The silence of many people too, who neither spoke for against the show is also a reflection of the point made above.

In my opinion, a nation and a people who lose their moral edge and invest their time, energy and resources in a venture, which add no value to the social and technological advancement of its young population is on its way to extinction.

A nation which doesn’t invest in the social and political consciousness of her people, particularly the young and agile but inundates them with shallowness and vanity, labelling it arts and entertainment is kind of doomed, if it does not retrace her steps.

A nation which does not believe in creating shows, reality or otherwise, which expands the minds of her people and increase their gravitation towards intellectual discourse, the foundational tool of positive development has signed up for nothing but backwardness.

A nation where people’s proclaimed faith has no impact on their value system, has lost the moral battle before it began.

The implication of the foregoing that a nation or a people multiple the habit and value system they actively or passively reward…The minority who takes a stand for contrary habits and value system are often tempted to feel awkward and outdated…

For those of us, who are not in support of the decadence presented to us and our young people as entertainment in form of music, film and shows like #BBNaija must never be quiet…We may be the voices from the fringe but not the forgotten voices…We are still voices of reason that may be unpopular…Last year I did a major piece on #BBNaija which I published on my blog www.taiwoakinlamiblog.com. I have made it a point of duty to raise my voice against those who expose children to contents created for adults…

We just have to keep working and speaking from the fringe until same becomes a voices in the front burner. And if it never comes the the front burner, we would have reached some and answer the dictates of our conscience and positive value system. Our voices from the fringe today may provide an motivation for the generations yet unborn to pursue change in this direction…In a ravaging post truth culture, where populism has become the vehicle by which all kinds of agenda, particularly the most senseless are pushed, our voices must be more vociferous in declaring that the fact that an agenda is popular doesn’t make it right.

Thank you at Mrs RonkePosh Adeniyi Le Poshe for inspiring this write-up this early Monday morning…It is a worthy disruption to an already articulated beginning of week.

Do have an INSPIRED week all.

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I Speak for the Precious AFRICAN CHILD

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