This question came up on a Facebook Group I belong to and here are my responses


How do u help a stubborn 14years old girl stop sex, I need advice please

First I don’t think there is such thing like ‘stubborn’ 14 year old…

I do not also think it is a matter of general discussion…You may not be able to help her except you first understand her story…The behaviour is never the problem but the socialisation of the child, which I call her story…

So, there may be need for personal counseling with an expert to understand what the issues are before offering help…

It is like asking, how do I handle stubborn headache in a general forum…No doctor will make prescription without first diagnosing the patient because headache is one thing but the causes differ from persons to persons…

Principles are forever universal but the application are forever perculiar…

If you DM we I can help and make some recommendations.

Do have an INSPIRED week and thank you for your concern for this very precious child, who greatness cannot be in doubt by this very act or omission but by how we handle it… Thank you
As I post this, I again remember one of the programs of our NGO S.A.F.E™ for Children Society, S.A.F.E™ for ME Movement, under which we visit a School a month to deliver talks on how young people can take full responsibility for their Personal Safety and Self-Protection from all forms of abuse, any form of indulgences like sex and drug addiction.

It is our irresistible conclusion that in matter of Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for the precious African child, Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement…Thus we are ready to be invited to your school to deliver this one-hour talk FREE OF CHARGE.

Send me a direct message to take advantage of this invaluable gift for the precious children under your care….

To learn how to help young people like this precious one, I personally invite you to attend The S.A.F.E™ School of STANDARDS ™ slated to hold on Saturday, March 30, 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria…You may also send me a Direct Message to secure your seat at the program…It is FREE but Registration is required

Do have an INSPIRED week.

The Preacher

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