Check my platforms, I don’t post trending headlines and videos…It is a DELIBERATE practice predicated on principles, which I will attempt to address here to the best of my ability.

As far as I am concerned those things must be posted carefully and caution, lest one becomes unnecessarily sensational.

And if they must be posted, we must do so with the following in mind:

How do we post within the context of proffering workable, professional and contextualised solutions?

What is the source and what are the intentions? For example, the video of the two children kissing, how was it captured? Was it manually captured by a person or by CCTV? If it was captured by a person, was the idea of capturing the video more important to the person capturing it than stopping the children from abusing themselves? If it was a CCTV footage, how how did it leak out to become a sad commodity for public consumption? If it is a CCTV footage, was the purpose of installing a CCTV camera in a school for example not for the school consumption, to be aware, prevent and respond to any act or omission that are inimical to the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD, except such footage is demanded by regulatory bodies for public interest purposes? And if it was demanded by regulatory bodies, what are the processes guiding the release of such to the public?

In the real sense of it, that children abuse themselves sexually today should not be news to any conscious and informed caregiver. How, in actual reality does the posting of the video under review help our understanding of that reality?

If as a society, we are more interested in posting and resposting of materials, are we not likely to be raising an army of insensitive people, who see preventable action or omission of abuse among children or in the society but are more interested in capturing for repost instead of stopping the act or omission?

Which is more beneficial to the children involve, capturing of the act or omission or stopping them from abusing themselves?

It is a volatile world today and that is no more news. The truth is that everyone seems to know the problem but only very few know the solution or even make DELIBERATE efforts to find the solutions…

Posting sensational headlines of abuses of children by adults or child to child abuse like the recent pictures of two children kissing, without a deliberate attempt to find out the causes and proffer professional solutions only heightens people’s fears and drives them to the precipice of PARANOIA, where they become suspicious of everybody, including themselves.

The last time I checked, PARANOIA is NOT a tool of Securing A FRIENDLY and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for our precious children. It only worsens the state of minds of caregivers and their precious children and make them susceptible to what they fear most.

I don’t really care what is trending, call it Mobo Challenge, I only care about how must we have prepared our precious children to fare in today’s volatile world. There will never be a time in today’s world, where caregivers will be fully abreast of all the dangers our precious children will be exposed to. Same way as human beings, we can never be fully aware of all the dangers we are exposed to.

The solution therefore is to churn sensationalism and focus on the harder work of creating for our private and public institutions (including the FAMILY) SYSTEMS of Securing A FRIENDLY and PROTECTIVE Environment™ according to GLOBAL STANDARDS, codified into POLICIES on which every caregiver is trained. As Olakunle SORIYAN will say, ‘what will come will come; it is who we are that makes a difference.’ I will also add that what will come will come; it is the preparation we make that makes all the difference.

If we spend as much time and data we spend on sensationalism on asking the right questions and seeking professional solutions, our children will be better of. Sensationalism, I must conclude by saying, it very inimical to the BEST INTEREST OF THE PRECIOUS AFRICAN and it must be stopped now!

As caregivers in the sophisticated 21st Century, grappling with the reality of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, we must DELIBERATELY change our game of ENVISIONING, DESIGNING, PLANNING and PROVIDING CARE to comply with the strange realities of today. We must drop the torn and dirty toga of surface thinking and sporadic response to matter of S.A.F.E™ and put on the full armour of VALUE and SYSTEM BASED APPROACH.

The 21st century caregivers must today DELIBERATELY transform from just being a DUTY BEARERS to becoming a STANDARDS BEARERS and VALUE and SYSTEM are the eternal language of STANDARDS as VIGILANCE is the price of LIBERTY.

Do have an INSPIRED week.



The Preacher

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