DR. (MRS) CAROLINE OLUFEMI OGUNSANYA, whose name I mention with uttermost regards is a super BELIEVER in the Taiwo AKINLAMI Project and everything same represents.

Destinyis people-sensitive. It is my belief that when God wants to help a man/women to make a difference in life and generations, He sends them people or send people to them. I testify today that I am nothing but a product of few but quality people, who God by His grace and mercies sent at critical and destiny shaping moments to lift me to the next level of my relevance in the work He has magnanimously commited into my hands.

As I write this, looking back over my life and thinking things all over, I can truly say I have been blessed, I have unusual testimonies of strong and ardent BELIEVERS(with apology to Rev. Clay Evans). The immense blessings these people have been to me I cannot fully count or attempt to count in a lifetime. I am just truly and really grateful.

My experience with these God-ordained and God-sent BELIEVERS has taught me one big lesson in life and I often share it thus: when you are in a situation, you are not yet in trouble if you don’t know what to do; you are only in trouble if you don’t know or have who to call; you are in deeper trouble if the person you know or have to call is not expecting your call, that is, doesn’t count your call worthy to be answered or returned.

RobbThompson once shared a conversation he had with Marilyn Hickey about relationships. He said Marilyn Hickey told him that there 3 kinds of people in your life, yesterday people, today people and tomorrow people. Yesterday people remind you of your errors of yesterday; today people are comfortable with you where you are today and tomorrow people keep pushing you to greater heights. He concluded that Marilyn Hickey told him that if in a lifetime, you have 2 or 3 tomorrow people in your life you are the most blessed of all men/woman.

SinceI met Dr. Mrs OGUNSANYA 9 years ago, she has reminded a prominent tomorrow person in my, a mother indeed, great and unforgettable soul and ardently commited to the cause of Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for the precious African child.I am not here to list her contributions. They are enormously prodigious that I may not fully capture them if I bow to the strong temptations of counting same. All I can boldly say is that meeting this great soul was a GAME CHANGER for the Taiwo AKINLAMI Project.

I remember now as I conclude that when we began to publish the S.A.F.E™VILLE comic, she only saw the broadcast and by herself reached out to me and placed an order for her bookshop at OTC.This is a BIG SHOUT OUT to a SUPER BELIEVER, DR. (MRS) CAROLINE OLUFEMI OGUNSANYA.

I Thank her most profoundly for being a GAME CHANGER for me…The LORD will continue to bless her distinguished self and her highly esteemed family and the great works He has committed into her faithful hands in Jesus name.Do have an INSPIRED day.



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