In 1997 I began to sense an irrepressible burden for advocating for a Child-Friendly Africa.

In 2010 or thereabouts I created an audio program titled, Child-Friendly Thinking: 12 Global and Contemporary Factors Every Primary (Parents/Guardians) and Secondary (Schools & Child-Focused Organisations) Caregivers MUST DISCOVER and ADOPT to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of their Children at all TIME.

Creatinga Child Friendly World in the Third World is a different kettle of fish from doing same in a developed clime.The developed world belongs to their precious children.They come first in every consideration. It is neither a man nor a woman’s world; it is simply children’s world.

TheThird World, particularly Africa is no one’s world. Neither children nor their caregivers are considered to be worthy of the best of the investment of the state and non-state actors in terms of human capacity development and provision of basic social amenities.

Wheredo you begin from, advocating for a Child Friendly World where the investment in the enhancement of the dignity of human person is far below in the rung of the ladder of social and economic priority?

How do you advocate for bringing to the front burner of private and public conscience and consciousness the rights and the responsibilities of the precious African Child for due respect in the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD when such matter is relegated to the very background of our collective conscience and consciousness?

To the glory of God, I testify today that we have climbed many mountains, made tremendous progress, worked with local and international organizations at the highest level possible, won tangible and priceless partnership and formed profitable aliances with persons and organizations.

Yet there are so many more mountains to climb and conquer. So many more strategic alliances to strike locally and internationally.

Thus I am excited about a new expression to our long standing committment to involve our precious children in their PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION , inculcating in them Positive Value System by daring to seize the reins of entertainment, which seems to have been abandoned to immorality and meaninglessness.

It is another rough, though, back breaking and yet interesting and possible journey of chasing and change the tide of this big mess messing up the minds of our precious youngsters in droves, preparing them as back benchers in the commity of precious global children.

Thisone thing I know, it is the LORD who holds our hands and shines the light on what He calls a man/woman to do.

TheS.A.F.E™VILLE project is ruthlessly but strategically on the move and we beacon on men and women of conscience to be counted.It is ruthless because we shall be relentless.

It is strategic because we shall not fight like the ones, who pound the air. We shall run that we may obtain.

Thisis a call for meaningful engagement and partnerships to help us bring to your areas of influence the message of S.A.F.E™VILLE. In playing a key role in their PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION of our precious youngsters are as strong as the quality of their minds and the Value System they embrace.

Weare just a DM or call away.

Dohave an INSPIRED week

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