SOS Children’s Village was our host in the communites of Isolo, Ilasa and Ajao.

It was 6 days of training, spread over a period of 3 weekends, working with over 200 precious youngsters of Isolo, Ilasa and Ajao, disseminating the unique and tested contents of #THESAFEVILLEONEDAYCLUB.

It was 3 days specialized training, focused on Right of the Child to Participation and our Global League of Greatness™ for the elected 35 members of the Children’s Parliament for the communities..

Excited and historically, on Saturday, November 2, 2019 we swore in the vibrant and brilliant members of the ISOLAJ Children’s Parliament and their elected officer from the Speaker to the Welfare Officer.

The woman of the march from our organisation is Olabisi Afolabi, who came from one of the communities and therefore could to be touched with the feeling of infirmities of those precious youngsters. Olabisi is a lawyer. She has been one since she was 21. She is full of positive energy and innovation. She is the mentor to the Parliament, having been the arrowhead of the training in the last 4 weeks.

Olabisi is a picture of the future of the precious youngsters. If she could come from our community, gained admission to the university at 15, called to the bar at 21 and practices today as a Social Development Lawyer, I saw in the energised eyes of those precious children that they embraced hope for a promising and glorious future…

No doubt, the odds are tough and almost impenetrable as these young ones pursue a meaningful future, but we believe have succeeded in showing them the PATH and PROCESSES to same, beginning from LEADING their PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION by embracing and becoming ambassadors of POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM.

We are confident that these precious youngsters and their Parliament will make the best of the training and inspiration they received.

We are confident that soon and very soon, you will partner with us to expose the precious youngsters of your community to #THESAFEVILLEONEDAYCLUB priceless contents.

We thank the Speaker of Children’s Parliament Lagos State, Raphael Ikuyinminu for his support.

Do have an INSPIRED week.

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