I was born March 24, 1970 without any spoon, gold, silver, aluminium or even paper.

I was not RAISED but ERASED, though I could vouch for the unflinching love of my parents, who themselves were playing out their childhood in providing direction for their precious children.

I took responsibility for my life at the age of 18 and migrated to Lagos.

From 18 to 27, I lived a life that was completely out of control of order and decorum and sold to myriad of youthful vices.

It is a path I wish I did not tow and therefore not proud of, irrespective of the fact that my truncated childhood set me up for it.

On Sunday, February 16, 1997, I became a follower of Jesus Christ.

As I began to experience change in my  new-found freedom, I was eager to share what I was learning.

I was eager to show precious young people within my areas of influence HOW AVOID THE TERRIBLE ERRORS I made and the dire consequences I faced thereof.

I knew tgat the mistakes I made were avoidable if I have the right person to direct me in the right decisions.

I was eager to show these precious young ones that being young does grant you any form of immunity against the consequences of your actions and omissions.

God granted us access to the Public Schools in Lagos State in 1997 and in 2000 to private schools, begining with Atlantic Hall, Lagos.

While doing the work, we were covered by Channels TV.

In 2005, UNICEF noticed our works. Few years down the line, I was saddled with the responsibilities of developing for UNICEF, a curriculum and training young people and their caregivers on their responsibilities and the value system behind same, having being engaged by Mrs. Caroline AKOSILE of UNICEF.

As at today, we have reached hundred of thousands of our precious young people on their INEVITABLE roles in their PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION from abuses and vices.

I know that the psychological and physical scars of my childhood abuse and my morally prodigal response may be with me for a lifetime and I may not be able to turn back the hands of time. But it is my ever-present commitment and legacy to turn my scars into signposts for our today’s precious, but pressured young people to living responsibly. I want to help them to steer the ships of the lives in the right direction and enrole them in the League of Greatness as Africans

On Children’s Day, May 27, 2020, we gathered about 500 precious souls at our hangout, from whose parents we still receive outstanding testimonies today.

TODAY, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, the Day of the African Child and tomorrow Wednesday, June 17, 2020 we hold another S.A.F.E®VILLE Hangout and launch our club, League of Greatness Africa and Every Part is Private to ME(EPPME) Rules.

I write to beseech you to release your precious young ones to our TESTED HANDS for these 2 days and receive them back as transformed souls.

Register here now and thank us later

Thank you for reading and Happy Day of the African Child to the precious African Child.

Twitter: @taiwoakinlami Instagram:│Facebook Group: Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy
Telegram Channel:|Telephone: 234-803-362-0843

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