Yetunde BANKOLE-BERNARD, YBB, as she is fondly called exudes unusual AUTHORITY and AUTHENTICITY and she has mastered diverse and unique way of giving full expression to the same.

She stands out in her delievery and accompanying confidence as she is a woman, who is abundantly aware of her identity and the energy of inspiration the same generates.

I have experienced her in private and public conversations and I  testify to the uniqueness of her thoughts and the sweet spirit with which she serves same, even in unpalatable times.

As our team began to put this conference together and began to call to mind the enormity of the attack on humanity and her womanhood the area of identity and AUTHENTICITY; the inner conflict of interests, which has led to the mental and emotional implosion of many, we knew that YBB is the woman for this delicate, often relegated but necessary conversation on the woman and her AUTHENTICITY.

In a world where raw vanity is glorified as contemporary wisdom, riding on the crestwave of an untamed new media; in a world where people now find it hard to speak the truth to themselves but deny the existence of their own shadow to dance to the tune of a world, which is as con I present to you distinguished women, a unique voice of AUTHENTICITY, YBB as she takes us through this all-important conversation the most fun and enjoyable manner.

Register here http://bit.ly/Wowwithchildren to join YBB and other eminent and carefully chosen discussants.

See you above the waters dearly beloved woman.


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