On Friday, October 30, 2020 we completed the 1st Season of 13TH Episodes of the POWER PARENTING® WEEKLY broadcasts, reaching around 15,000 families discussing current, cutting-edge, globally relevant but Third World Sensitive Ideology and issues relating to raising children as primary and secondary parents.

In this season, we pioneered the conversation that parenting as a four-dimensional responsibility, which has been reduced and accepted as one-dimentional responsibility; we explored the subject matter of Child Sexual Abuse, visiting the most neglected aspects of the same and showing practical terms the inevitable roles of primary and secondary parents and their precious children and to effectively play the same; we demystified the age-long and widely- entrenched belief that there is such thing called, children-beyond-parental-control; we are presently pioneering the conversation on how to elevate our relationship with our precious children, graduating from to communication to COMMUNEnication®.

All of the foregoing and the conversations we shall have in the seasons ahead is driven by one major concern to keep pioneering MEANINGFUL, CAUTIOUS, HEALTHY, HELPFUL(SUPPORTIVE), EMPHATIC and INSPIRATIONAL distinguished primary and secondary parents achieve best practice according to universal principles, respecting the individual, communal, national and continental peculiarities. This has been our commitment over a decade ago, pioneering parenting education in Nigeria with the launch of The Power Parenting Academy, Africa’s First COMPREHENSIVE DIGITAL PARENTING ACADEMY.

You are invited to listen and view our maiden and future season here http://bit.ly/TaiwoAkinlamiYouTubeChannel or Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy Facebook Group https://bit.ly/3bK8Zy0

Kindly help spread the message within your areas of influence.

Do have an INSPIRED week as we receive you on our platforns.

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