SOCIOLOGUE®: Social Dialogue With Myself|Chapter 3|THE PARABLE OF THE MIRROR

The Nigerian people hold THE MIRROR before the Nigerian ruling elites to see how they look and they would not look at THE MIRROR.

The Nigerian people went to the streets in peace, insisting that the Nigerian ruling class, who are characteristically bedeviled with the sins of pride, delusion and divisionary tactics must look at themselves in THE MIRROR. The ruling elite dared to break THE MIRROR held on the streets.

By the law of Professor Peller-like abracadabra, they changed the name of an object in THE MIRROR.

When that did not work, the ruling class decided to shed innocent blood of those holding THE MIRROR peacefully on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 and tries hard to cover the truth up by all propaganda machineries necessary.

THE MIRROR also recorded the inability of the ruling class to secure lives and properties of innocent and hardworking Nigerian people. The ruling class instead of looking at THE MIRROR decided to blame it on so-called hoodlums, who they breed for their selfish political use, recruited into THE MIRROR breaking agenda, having denied them of their basic rights, chief of which is education.

The ruling class, with its tail between its legs, but still claiming it is not in any way weak, claimed to accept what it saw in THE MIRROR; purportedly acceded the demands of THE MIRROR holders, established N75 Billion youth fund, all other ‘normal’ instruments of magic like Judicial Panels of Enquiry followed, It sent some of their foot soldiers at the National and State Assemblies to throw deep shades at Nigerians and so on and so forth.

Now, the lastest tricks in the books of the ruling elites is that they are bent on breaking THE MIRROR by all crooked means necessary, being held in the hands of the Nigerian people by the powers of their RESOLVE to demand accountability from the spoilt ruling class and DATA.

You know ruling class first tried to break THE MIRROR hitting it with the hammer of 9 million Naira, for which they have been dragged to their own court in hope that the court will not join THE MIRROR breaking agenga.

From time immemorial, the ruling class has perfected the disgraceful act of abandoning leprosy and focusing on ringworm.

Instead of treating the symptoms of our ingrained Social Malady, which has its foundation in bad socio-politcal decisions, manifesting is the dividends of bad governance, the ruling elites chases after the shadow of breaking THE MIRROR that shows them their defective image.

But will THE MIRROR be broken?

I will continue this PARABLE OF THE MIRROR next time.

Thank you.

Do have an INSPIRED day.


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