#COVID19 Pandemic is real and we should follow the protocols aimed at preventing its spread…

Also real is the fact that we have governments and their officials who have adopted blatant lies and outlandish falsehood as tools of governance.

It is in view of the foregoing that I ask the following questions about this COVID-19 Pandemic palaver:

  1. I hear of second wave in Nigeria, when was the first wave please?
  2. What were the parameters with which the first wave was determined and surmounted and what are the warning signs of these second wave by the truth of global standards?
  3. How many tests have we carried out, considering the fact that an effective fight against the pandemic begins with TESTING, TRACING and ISOLATION and the same TESTING has been prohibitively monitized out of the reach of the majority of our people?
  4. If the situation is as bad as the government, its agencies and cronies want us to believe, what are they doing about people living in abject poverty in densely populated areas, among who social distancing is not possible?
  5. As the government threatens to impose another lockdown, what is the stimulus plan being proposed by government, noting that the majority of our people run a hand-to-mouth and mobile economy?
  6. What are the instigators of the spread considering the fact that elections held in Edo and Ondo States and we saw total lack of respect for COVID-19 Protocol under the watch of government and INEC?
  7. By the combination of the recklessness of politicians at the Edo and Ondo elections and the gathering of our compatriots for the peaceful and inevitable #endsars protests, should our spike not have happened since then?
  8. Why is our so-called second wave coinciding with that of Europe and America, without a clear explanation for the spike like they have in these climes?
  9. Why do we keep using CUT-AND-PASTE terminologies like ‘Second Wave,’ ‘Spike in Infection Rate,’ ‘Flattening the Curve’ and others, when they bear no iota of semblance with our experiential reality in Nigeria, instead of studying the perculiarities of our situation vis a vis the pandemic and evolve fitting solutions?
  10. How diligent was the government and its agencies in enforcing the COVID-19 Pandemic prevention protocol put in place months back?
  11. What is our investment in vaccine and vaccination in terms of the conversation and the deal we are closing with Pfizer and Moderna?
  12. With the insincerity of government in hiding parliatives, misappropriation of funds and misplaced budgetary allocations exposed since the pandemic hit Nigeria, does the government really deserve the investment of the people’s belief.

It is in view of the foregoing that I am tempted to ask, PANDEMIC or SCAMDEMIC which one is Nigeria battling, considering that there are social, economic, political and even corruption sides to the pandemic?

Which of the sides is driving all these suspicious noise about second wave and it’s probable attendant consequences?

This is #ministryofclarity

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