Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. You are all blessed and highly favoured in Jesus name. Keep SOARING and CELEBRATED mothers.

My conversation with myself fed on what I was fed with as a child.

I was fed with words that were negative enough to make me feel less than human.

My handlers introduced me to myself through the use of dehumanising and degrading words. I learnt words like idiot, fool, bastard, stupid and the likes, not primarily as English words but as legitimate descriptions of myself. Those words gave me my childhood identity and I carried them like badges of sorrow. They were legitimate to my psyche because they were the only and the first words I heard about myself from the people I was designed to trust with my life as a child.

My primary 3 teacher had nicknamed me ‘devil’ at age 10.

My conversation with myself was full of self condemnation, second guessing myself, self-doubt and the likes. The more I conversed with myself, the more Iost myself and the more I hated myself.

Yet, there there was no one to share with, how much the conversation with myself was eating me up.

In 1997, I encountered Christ and I embark on a journey of deliberate mind sterilisation and cleansing through the study of God’s word.

The information I have about myself began to change and the conversation I have with myself began to change.

Who you are is what you say to yourself and say to others.

So today I still converse with myself but it is most of the time healthy conversations.

What we say to our precious children, they say to themselves and what they say to themselves is their destiny.

Our words are mirrors through which our precious children see themselves.

Till I come your way next time I charge you to think about the words spoken to you growing up and what conversation are you having with yourself today and what words you are saying to your precious children today?

Do have an INSPIRED week.

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