She stormed into the banking hall threatening fire and brimstone.

She was convinced that someone in the bank was up to a prank in either tampering with and stealing from her account or acting as a mole to those stealing from her account.

Her permutations were simple. She does share her passwords, pin and other security codes to her bank accounts with any soul on earth. In fact she guard them jealously to the point of even keeping them from herself.

Though, her bank warns sternly against sharing the foregoing details with anyone. She did not consider her husband as part of anybody to whom these details should not be revealed.

Upon her vehement and unpacifiable complaint and calling for the head of her account officer, who she fingered as the first suspect, the bank commissioned an investigation.

She was shocked by the image on the man caught by CCTV cameras withdrawing money from her account through the ATM machines from different locations.

Her heart was shattered, her husband of 20 years is the one stealing from her. She was in shock. Her head was bowered in shame as she apologized profusely to the bank and her officials.

What would you do if you were the woman or what you do if you find out that your spouse is stealing from you?

Was the woman wrong to have shared her banking security codes with her husband? Do you or would you share yours?

What would make a man or woman steal from his/her spouse?

The floor of the parliament is now opened for your useful comments.

Do have an INSPIRED weekend.

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