My father was one man, who did not keep his private business private.

My dad was a married man, husband of one wife but manfriend of many women.

The sad thing was that I knew some of these women as I came of age.

It was equally sad that I was a constricted accomplice to his escapades with his mistresses.

The way it worked was that most of my father’s escapades with his women happened when my mother was away from town, most of the time to buy his wares in another town. Those trips were mostly for 2 to 3 days.

My father knew that we (children)may want to leak the secret of his escapades with his women to my mother. Therefore we had my father’s stern warning, by words and posture to behave ourselves by not only shutting up our mouths but to also deny the truth of what we saw when she was away if for whatever reason she confronted us.

I think the trick worked as I cannot remember disclosing to my mother the ways of my father when she was away.

One afternoon, at 12 or thereabouts, I was in the general office of the defunct National Bank of Nigeria, Ado Ekiti, where my father worked. My father and some members of staff were throwing sleazy banters, the contents of which I cannot remember today. What I remember vividly was hearing my father saying something like, ‘I am always prepared,’ and waving a sachet of condom, which he brought out of the pocket of his jacket.

That was how my sight was baptized into seeing a condom in a conversation that a disciplined adult should not have at all not to talk of exposing children to the same.

Exposure of children to the indecent misbehavior behavior of their primary and secondary parents must be seen for what it is, perversion of their sexuality and the knowledge of the same.

Such unguarded misbehavior of unfaithfulness  in marriage must not be mistaken for proper sexuality education for our precious children.

Did you learn one lessons or the other from the #THESTORIESOFMYCHILDHOOD?

Please share and do have an INSPIRED week.

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