Shall we have this conversation as we mark Sexual Awareness and Prevention Month in this April.

When a child is sexually abused, there are three culprits.

The first is the primary and secondary parents, who have the duty of care to protect the child from all forms of sexual abuse, including the suspicion of the same, but deliberately or negligently drops the ball.

The second is the person, who takes advantage of the loopholes created by the primary and secondary parents, gains undue access to the child and sexually abuse the child.

The third is the person , who is aware of the omission of the first person and actions of the second person but chooses the doctrine of silence.

All of the categories mentioned above are recognised by the law but only the second that often faces the wrath of the public and judicial courts.

Who do you think is the main culprit in all the persons enumerated above and why?

CIn commemorating the Sexual Awareness and Prevention Month, how do we build a social and judicial justice system that provides iron-clad systems, which envisages all the culprits and help them at their potential level to prevent child sexual abuse?

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