I have told my story of stolen or erased childhood since 1997 when I became a Christian or took my relationship with Christ seriously at the age of 27.

My state of sexual purity, dignity, and general innocence was attacked and crushed before I understood what they were. I was serially robbed of my sexual purity, dignity and the attendant innocence from age 6-8 by a female adult neighbor, who volunteered as my nanny and become thoroughly violated.

Once the foundation of my sexuality was laid in abuse, I became well adjusted and acquainted with the grief of sexual and other forms abuse.

Among other things that I became recklessly addicted to in trying to find definition and expression for my sexuality was pornography.

Like the impact of Child Sexual Abuse on the absorbent mind of the child, addiction to pornography is like a snowball; you know the beginning but the end is a troubling mirage. There are only few things in life from my experience that is as addictive like the consumption of pornography. It satisfies the seemingly insatiable appetite of the lust of the flesh and of the eye.

You see for me, consumption of pornographic materials was my foreplay for rigorous masturbation and perverted sexual engagement with the same and opposition sex.

What is pornography by the way? Well, I do not need to visit the books in defining this subject matter. I visit my experience. Pornography is any material, audio, visual, virtual, printed or other forms, which uncessarily arouses your sexual sensibilities unto the perversion of the essence and purpose of your humanity, sexuality and  sexual practices.

Whether softcore pornography, which contents are suggestive or hardcore pornography, which contents are explicit, the definition

It is my irresistible position that sexual intercourse is designed by God for the purpose of procreation in marriage between a man and woman. How married couples choose to engage in sexual intercourse remains their perogative according to their mutual agreement.

Consumption of pornography of any measure stimulates you for the active perversion of the foregoing essence and purpose and in the process, the perversion of your humanity, in which resides your sexuality.

It was to this vice, I was hooked and seemingly helplessly so.

How did deliver myself from this plague of immense negative proportion? What principles did I engage?

Join us next week as I unravel the mystery of my enduring deliverance.

I am a Thriver

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