Early last week, Ronke Posh called my attention to the ugly practice of sharing video clips of explicit sexual activities of children in the name of creating awareness against Child Sexual Abuse.

This is the practice here and it trends from time to time and I think we should call it what it is, DISTRIBUTION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY?

The question is, who gains from the sharing through our electronic devices or how does such help the prevention of child to child sexual abuse?

Have we thought of who records this video clips of our precious children abusing themselves sexully?

How come the goal of such person(s) was not to stop the act but to watch it happen and record the same?

If it was recorded by the children and one, both of them or a friend leaked it, should we as adults join the bandwagon or correct the same by ensuring bulk of sharing stops at our table?

If such video clip is a footage of CCTV Camera, is it a responsible act for the custodians of the footages to release the same to the public instead of acting on the same and respecting the privacy of the children?

In situations, where the identities of the children are revealed, does it not amount to an abuse of the children in view of common sense and existing law of the land?

Could those who share these clips not be running foul of the law as being in possession of children porn?

Could some or even most of these clips we share be from the hands child porn maker?

Is it possible that by our sharing, which have become reckless these days, we have unwittingly become children distributors?

We invite you to please join the conversation and share your candid opinion as we are guided by the questions we pose above.

Thank you, fellow parliamentarian and do have an INSPIRED weekend.

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