Dialo, boy, 16 and Mabel, girl, 15 are neighbors in a block of flats in Ilupeju, Lagos Nigeria.

While they have also known through their parents, the lockdown, necessitated by COVID-19 presented them an opportunity to build a closer relationship.

From chatting on their phones to visiting frequently, they developed and nursed feelings more than platonic for each other. Diolo began to share some jokes, which toched on sexual attraction to which Mabel midly responded with smilies while they chatted on the phone and smiles when they met.

Then as Valentine’s Day approached, Dialo began to talk to Mabel about why they need to take their ‘love’ to another level.

Long story short, Mabel’s mother walked in on her and Diaolo making out on Valentine’s day while she returned home impromptu to pick something she needed in the office.

Mabel later confessed to her mum that sexual intercourse had occurred between them a week before.

When the matter came to the notice of Dialo’s dad, who is a lawyer, he insists that the 2 children(a child is anyone below 18) are in conflict the law and what they have done is an abuse mutually perpetrated against themselves.

His wife however argues that she does not think the children are in conflict with the law or have done anything criminal as both of both of them consented to the act of sexual intercourse.

What do you think distinguished Parliamentarians? Do you think children can give consents to sexual intercourse or related practices because they are doing it with their peers?

Please come let us reason together…

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