Any attempt to claim to address and proffer solutions to the issues of safety and security of our precious children within and outside the school system, without addressing the fallen state of our country and the fact that the govt has lost grip of its primary aims(Security & Welfare of the people) as the root causes is naive, hypocritical, unserious, government-sponsored or deliberately taking ‘Nigerians’ on a ride of insult upon injury.

Please note that primary security concerns like fear of those who want to play a fast one on the loopholes of a private and public institutions and for which we establish certain security and safety protocols must not be mistaken for what is going on in our schools right now.

While we must pay attention to the foregoing, our conversation cannot afford to focus on that as the real security issues within our school spaces now.  Such security issues have been with us from time immemorial and they don’t happen everyday to the point of threatening the peace of our precious children and the existence of our institutions. Governments are shutting down schools, citing insecurity as the cause and we are yet to wake up to the helplessness of the situation. The state security apparatus gave up on a situation, instead for taking them to task, we will leaving leprosy to address ringworm. Na wah for us o? E du ro na, who bewitched us like this?

It is also important to note that such crimes of capitalising on the loopholes of a system is also traceable to the fact that our justice system has broken down irretrievably. Crime is lucrative and encouraged when the possibility of an escape from the scene or from justice is watertight. That is what is called impunity.

How does a private individual foil or stop, heavily armed gun men and women, who lay siege on a school both day and night, carting away our precious children in their hundreds? These are people that our so-called law enforcement agents run away from and our so-called governments and its agents pay. These are people, who recently collected 180,000,000 from Nigerian parents, whose crime is that they dare to send  their precious children to school.

Please, it is either we want to address the issues or we don’t want to. I think it is high time we held our peace or had conversations that will help the people.

I challenge anyone to show me one serious nation, where the ultimate security of lives and property is largely left to self-help and survival of the fittest as our ‘experts’ are recommending here.

I beg clear road for all these jagajaga. E je ka simi Jo!!!!


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