So you bring a resource person or an entertainer to your platform and he/she begins to say what you do not expect him/her to say or you don’t like, not because it is wrong but it is against your personal or organizational ethics or self-censorship or sense of fear or caution,  is it the best option to ‘off the mic’ on him/her or attempt an immediate censorship or allow him/her to have his/her say and then do your response if you consider it necessary thereafter?

Is it right to deny your audience, who should be able to judge what they hear the right to divergent views just because it offends your whatever sensibilities?

What if what the person is saying has offensive social, political and legal implications that endangers your platform, will that not justify the immediate ‘offing of the mic’?

Well, should we now say it is not your responsibility to investigate your guests and their tendencies before you bring them to your platforms, if you are that concerned about what they may say, that may be legal or illegal, politically correct or incorrect, socially apt or otherwise and may not go down well with you?


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