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The ruin of the Nigerian nation is upon us. It is palpable in the way we treat our precious children.

We are told that children were being ferried home by their bus driver unaccompanied. The bus had a flat tyre and the driver wound up the bus and abandoned 2 of them to die of suffocation.

The school these precious souls attended casually issued a statement saying, ‘we do not offer school runs services to any child.’

The police seems to have concluded on who to charge before carrying out a conclusive investigation stating that it is only the driver that will be charged for negligence.

As I listened to the tears of the mother of one of the children agonising that she waited 6 years after marriage to have the child, who is today lost, I wept myself. Apart from being an advocate, I feel her. I am touched by the feelings of her infirmity because of our personal story of preparing to have our first child 15 years into our marriage.

So what’s next? What is the cost of neglecting systems approach to Child Safeguarding and Protection? What is the cost impunity that seems to pervade our private and public institutions today? Where do we go from here?

Join me today, Friday, July 15, 2022 on Taiwo Akinlami YouTube channel as I vent and discuss Child Safeguarding & Protection, Implications and Credible Ways Forward with a generation with a strong faith that in the words of Dele Farotimi, I speak to the womb of history now that the conscience of many seem seared with hot iron.

You can join directly via this link👇

We promise it would be worth your time.

Do have an INSPIRED day.

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