Children Rights/Protection: Setting A Revolutionary Alternative for 2023

I was 29 years old and 2 years into leading the advocacy for Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment for the precious African Children when the present democratic experiment began.

We no longer need the oracular precision of a prophet of old  to know that what began as a democratic experiment 23 years ago has today become a cacophony of tragic misadventure in governance, which BUT FOR a decisive revolutionary intervention may be too much for a nation to recover from in a lifetime.

Over the years, I have made it a point of duty to set socio-political agenda at critical and historical times like we are in right now. On Thursday, May 29, 2014, I wrote a piece in The Punch Newspaper, which was a factual assessment of the state of the Nigerian child and setting a socio-political agenda for the incoming administration on the rights and social protection of our precious children. By Saturday September 17, 2017 in another piece published in Vanguard Newspaper, I had already submitted a comprehensive report sheet to the general public of the woeful performance of the administration in respect of the subject matter. By December 25, 2019, I had adumbrated my disturbing findings via another piece, published on the

In 2021 before the polity became agog with electioneering campaigns, I began to do a series of broadcasts on the state of the Nigerian child. It was my sober conclusion, using simple but agelong socio-political permutations that the agitation(s) or advocacy for the respect for the rights of the precious Nigerian child would not make any enduring sense, except the same is located within the scope of the national question.

In these broadcasts, which we begin to roll out on Friday the 16th of December 2022, under the #TAIN10MUNUTES titles, we want to show that BUT FOR a revolutionary intervention, aimed electing leaders, who bear some marks of political distinction from the rest of the Nigerian political class, our precious children are under the threat of extinction…


Please join us on Friday 16th of December 2022 8pm (WAT), 2pm (EST)via the link 

#2023election #childprotection #familystrengthening #revolution


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