‘Your chicken is not safe when your neighbours are hungry…’

Photo Credits: Unsplash

Few years ago, my brother and friend, who at the British Council’s ‘comity’ of facilitators, we call Professor Johnson Abbaly brought to my attention a profound African proverb, which did not only minister to my conscience but it is in perfect alignment with my philosophy of life. He said, ‘your chicken is not safe when your neighbour is hungry.’

The foregoing bear perfect correlation with another African proverb, ‘the children you do not properly bring up are the one that will squander the estate you build.’

The way Nigeria is today, I am only aware of few nations on earth, who have brazen and unrepentant violence to the yearning, hopes and aspirations of her posterity, her precious children.

It was said that the African Child was asked, ‘what would you like to be when you grow up?’ She responded, ‘how can I grow up when I have not eaten.’

The foregoing speaks to the abadonment of our precious children’s basic needs, which speak directly to the essence of their humanity.

I think it is time for lovers of Africa and Nigeria to bring matters that have to do with our precious children to the front burner of this season of electioneering campaign and beyond, setting enduring agenda and pursing them with rigorous sense of mission.

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