I remember a story as told by my personal physician. A man visited a clinic where he once worked, medically in a bad shape.

After the preliminary medical checks, he was referred to a cardiologist for further and specific medical examinations.

The diagnosis came back and an urgent medical attention was required. An attendant medical treatment plan was discussed with the middle-aged man and the cost implication thereof. 

He informed the doctor that he had already emptied his bank account so as to enable him see the cardiologist and pay for the tests recommended and obtain the medical reports. The only money he had left has been put aside for his first daughter’s registration for West African Examination, which would be expiring the very day he came back to see the doctor with his diagnosis from the cardiologist. He told the doctor, he would not want his daughter to miss the registration being a milestone in her education. He informed the doctor that he would rather pay for the daughter’s examination than start the treatment. He informed the doctor that he would return the week after and would find a way to raise enough funds to start the recommended treatment.

He went ahead to pay for the WAEC but he never returned, He died. Yes! he died in his noble bid to give his first daughter an education and a future.

In Nigeria, providing social protection for our precious children still costs many their livelihood and lives today. Most of the people we call primary parents today are prisoners of fending for the basic needs of their precious children for which the state in some sane climes have taken responsibilities for.

There is surely a way forward!

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